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Vitesse AuDessus Can Turn Anything into Carbon Fiber

Vitesse AuDessus-carbon-0

In the olden days the alchemists wanted to find a way to turn everything they touch into gold. These days it’s carbon fiber everyone’s after, and a French firm called Vitesse AuDessus (Superior Speed) claims they have pulled it off.

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BMW Triples Carbon Fiber Production

BMW Triples Carbon Fiber Production

Demand for carbon fiber has drastically grown over the past few years and to make sure they are well covered for their future projects, BMW has signed a new deal with supplier SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers. Thanks to a $200 million investment, the production capacity of Moses Lake plant will soon be tripled.

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Koenigsegg Carbon Fiber Secrets Revealed – Video

Koenigsegg CF Secrets 175x175 at Koenigsegg Carbon Fiber Secrets Revealed   Video

DRIVE channel has launched a new series called Inside Koenigsegg, which as the name suggests, gives us behind the scene look at Koenigsegg’s operations and facilities. We get to see how they go about developing and building their cars. It is always fascinating with bespoke hyper cars, because often the production process is more akin […]

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Lexus LFA Technology Trickles Down to Future Models

Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package 175x175 at Lexus LFA Technology Trickles Down to Future Models

Lexus LFA super car production has come to an end, and there is no imminent plan to replace it with another, high-tech, super fast, super expensive model. But Lexus has spent too much time and money developing this car’s technology, and they are going to use it. Future ordinary Lexus models are going to benefit […]

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Bound by Carbon: Lamborghini Aventador and Boeing Dreamliner

Avantador Boeing 175x175 at Bound by Carbon: Lamborghini Aventador and Boeing Dreamliner

Lamborghini has always been obsessed with airplanes. They have even made a model, the Reventon, specially designed to look like an F22 Raptor. This time, though, what makes them related to a plane is not just the design, but the technology as well. This promo video likens the Aventador to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, as […]

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Ford To Use Carbon Fiber In Mainstream Models


For when the start/stop and regenerative braking don’t cut it anymore, Ford is going to rely on lightness to lower its fuel consumption. They are developing new carbon fiber technologies to be used in their mainstream models. What you see here is a Focus wagon fitted with a carbon fiber bonnet.

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Full Carbon Fiber Pagani Huayra at Geneva Motor Show


As if the Pagani Huayra isn’t special enough, Pagani brought a full exposed carbon fiber version to the Geneva show this year. It’s carbon fiber all over, nothing is painted on the exterior. It has the same magnificent gloss finish Pagani uses to make their carbon parts look shiny, and the waves become more visible. […]

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BMW Buys Shares In SGL Carbon SE

g power bmw m3 175x175 at BMW Buys Shares In SGL Carbon SE

Strengthening its focus on lightweight materials, BMW secures a 15.16 percent stake in SGL Carbon SE, one of the best names in business.

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Honda to launch Mugen Civic Type-R

hondacivictypermugen 1 175x175 at Honda to launch Mugen Civic Type R

Type-R Honda Civic is like a benchmark by which other hot hatchbacks are judged. They always offer fantastic value in form of great practicality and huge driving fun and reasonable price. Now imagine Honda’s in-house tuner Mugen fiddle with it and give it some extra mojo! The result is really mouthwatering!

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9ff BT2 – Porsche GT2 with 850 hp


Looks like tuners around the world has started a horsepower war with this Porsche 911 GT2! It’s the second one we feature today and it has 50 more horsepower than the Switzer’s GT2 with 800hp! This one is a creation of the best name in business, 9ff. And they’ve called it BT-2.

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Tuning: Range Rover Sport by Revere London

revere london range rover 1 175x175 at Tuning: Range Rover Sport by Revere London

Usually, the best tuning jobs for British cars are done by British firms, like this custom Range Rover Sport by Revere London, a car customization center in UK which specializes in ultra luxury vehicle and bespoke parts. Of course their RR project is not a complete makeover, it’s more about cosmetic changes and luxury.

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VATH modifies Mercedes C63 AMG Estate

vath v63rs mercedes c63 amg estate 1 175x175 at VATH modifies Mercedes C63 AMG Estate

Guys from VATH Automobiltechnik have already introduced a nice package for the Mercedes Benz C-Class sedan, But for the Estate version they just couldn’t be bothered to use the same old plan! So they picked the C63 AMG Estate! A car which is already too hot and wild for everyone’s taste, well except for VATH!

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Karvajal Designs Chevrolet Corvette ZX-1


Karvajal Designs?! Have you ever heard of them? Well, neither have we but anyway, what they’ve done to the Corvette looks pretty sick and that is what matters! It is not fair if you call it just a bodykit, it’s more than that. In fact as they say it’s a Coachbuilt Corvette, like those custom […]

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Darth Maul – Coolest BMW M3 yet!

bmw m3 darth maul 2 175x175 at Darth Maul   Coolest BMW M3 yet!

Here’s another proof that unknown tuners with simple ideas and less messing around can be much better than all those big names in business who like to ruin every part of the car for no obvious reason! This is the MW M3 Darth Maul by Canadian tuner MWDesign and apart from the stupid name, it’s […]

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Lumma CLR X650 GT – another X6 ruined!


Every once in a while a tuner comes up with an ostentatious kit for a nice car and gets instant kicking by every single car journal that it’s not right, but they keep coming regardless! Lumma design products are classic points in this case. They are so flash it seems a six year old boy […]

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