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Ferrari 599 Fiorano with HGTE handling package

599 175x175 at Ferrari 599 Fiorano with HGTE handling package

Ferrari is to reveal a limited edition 599 GTB Fiorano at Geneva Motrshow this year. It features HGTE (Handling Gran Turismo Evoluzione) which makes the car more performance oriented Grand Tourer, Like previous packages in 575 M GTC and the 612 Scaglietti HGT-S. Don’t expect a 599 Scuderia though.

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BMW Z10 ED – Green supercar in the works

bmw z10 green 175x175 at BMW Z10 ED   Green supercar in the works

Now that BMW has decided to make a supercar, they are going to make a green one! No not the color, using Efficient Dynamics the car is going to be a really green performance machine. Although previous ideas of green supercars never really worked but BMW is the ultimate driving machine, they should be able […]

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Toyota TF109 Formula1 Car – Videos and Technical Analysis

toyota tf109 3 175x175 at Toyota TF109 Formula1 Car   Videos and Technical Analysis

Today Toyota revealed their new Formula1 car for 2009 season. Codenamed TF109, the car is by a 2.4 liter V8 with 740hp which by new FIA rules is limited to 18,000 rpm. The monocoque body and extensive use of carbon fiber in every imaginable part keeps the weight as low as 60g kg. Toyota hopes […]

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Wald Styling Package for Nissan GT-R and Lexus IS-F

wald 001 175x175 at Wald Styling Package for Nissan GT R and Lexus IS F

Wald International, Japanese tuning company which specializes in bodykits and visuals has lighten up Tokyo Auto Salon with their latest works on Nissan GT-R and Lexus IS-F. The kit includes new sport bumpers with spoilers and splitter in front and diffuser at the back, side skirt, rear wing and modified wheel arches to house big […]

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Lamborghini New Customization Program

lamborghini murcilago lp 640 ad personam lamborghini gallardo lp 560 4 ad personam 175x175 at Lamborghini New Customization Program

Last year at Detroit Lamborghini introduced its “Ad Personam” individualization program which is something like Rolls-Royce Bespoke or Bentley Milliner. And this year, in absence of Ferrari, they come with an update for the program with Three new colors, new Alcantara or leather trims along with carbon fiber, new hand-stitches and many many more. It […]

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Nissan GT-R by Zele International

zele r35 gt r complete edition 1 175x175 at Nissan GT R by Zele International

Another tuning package for Nissan GT-R by another Japanese tuning company, Zele International. They called The Complete Edition, and planned to make only 8 units, so it’s kinda exclusive. But I think the reason they are doing this is to justify its unreasonable price of $208,000 which is more than 30 grand more than recently […]

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Nissan GT-R SpecV Revealed

nissan gt r specv 101 175x175 at Nissan GT R SpecV Revealed

After months of teasing Nissan finally revealed Godzilla the second, GT-R SpecV to the Japanese market. As we had said before, they’ve just added some carbon fiber here and there, and gave it two new seats and asking more than 70 grand more than the standard car! It will be on sale for $161,300 comparing […]

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Hamann Upgrades Bentley Continental GT Speed

hamann bentley continental gt and speed 002 0102 950x6731 175x175 at Hamann Upgrades Bentley Continental GT Speed

German tuner Hamann which has been extending its business in recent years going further than BMWs and doing some nice works on Ferraris and Lamborghinis, is now working on a customization program for Bentley Continental GT and GT Speed. Official details are about to come out soon, but based on pictures, the package includes a […]

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One-off ASC Mclaren Viper is for sale – Pictures and Video

asc diamondback mclaren dodge viper main630 0101 636x360 175x175 at One off ASC Mclaren Viper is for sale   Pictures and Video

This Dodge Viper you see here is the only one in the world and it is from the ASC (American Specialty Cars) and American-based McLaren Performance Technologies with Bruce Mclaren behind it. That’s why they call it Mclaren Viper! The full name is ASC Mclaren Diamondback Viper. Anyway, This unique tuned Viper is up for […]

Nissan 370Z by Branew

nissan370z branew 175x175 at Nissan 370Z by Branew

Japanese tuning firm Branew is gaining fame for styling Nissan sport cars. After the GT-R package we featured earlier, This time they’ve picked the Fairlady Z and tweaked it with a new bodykit. They also fiddled with the ECU to improve performance, changed the suspension and upgraded braking system to keep up with the changes.

2009 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS

maserati quattroporte sport gts main630 1221 636x360 175x175 at 2009 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS

Maserati will be showing the facelifted version of Quattroporte Sport GTS at Detroit show. New Maser as its name suggests comes with more sportiness, new bumpers and skirts, new grille and integrated LED in head lights are parts of the refinement for 2009. GTS is powered by the same 4.7-liter V8 with 440 hp (10 […]

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Russia Enters Supercar World With Marussia

marussia 2 175x175 at Russia Enters Supercar World With Marussia

Well , this is Marussia! and it is supposed to be the first supercar by Russians. Not much of a supercar to be honest, but not actually bad for a country that its car making background really suck! It looks like those kit cars you can build in your backyard and it kinda is, as […]

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9ff GTT900 official details

9ff gtt900 porsche carrera gt 7 175x175 at 9ff GTT900 official details

After a silent premier at 2008 Essen Show, finally 9ff dropped official pictures of GTT900. Based on Carrera GT, which is now a part of history as Porsche wrapped up its production last year, this classic monster has a limited top speed of 390 km/h !

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Nissan GTR Spec-V Details Leaked

9071205012mini2l 175x175 at Nissan GTR Spec V Details Leaked

After months of uncertainty about whether such thing even exist, some Japanese prints hit the web revealing specs of the Godzilla evolution, GTR Spec-V. First things first, around the same track it is 2 seconds faster than the normal GTR.

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Brabham BMW M3 unveiled at Essen

brabhambt921 175x175 at Brabham BMW M3 unveiled at Essen

German tuner, Brabham Racing (nothing to do with Sir Jack Brabham) made a magnificent return at 2008 Essen show with this mad BMW M3. This car really lives up to the motto they’ve picked : The legend lives! Although it is too showy and ostentatious