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Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 Makes SEMA Debut

Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 SEMA-0

We have been waiting to hear more about the new Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 military vehicle concept since the day they first announced this bad boy. Now at the SEMA show Chevy has dropped new info and pictures on the hydrogen fuel cell electric military vehicle, and it’s so good it makes us want to enlist!

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Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 Unveiled at Army Show

Chevrolet Colorado ZH2-0

We can think of only a few things cooler than a fully kitted-out off-roader built for the Special Forces. But when that off-roader is also a technologically advanced fuel cell SUV, well, that’s just off the hook. This, we think, is a fair description of the new Chevrolet Colorado ZH2, revealed at the fall meeting […]

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