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Four New Cars to Look Out for in 2017


The last year has been a good one for the motor industry, and if what we’ve seen of upcoming offerings is anything to go by 2017’s going to be another one, so we’ve put together a list of some of the cars petrol heads should be excited to see in the coming year.

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300bhp For The New Honda Civic Type-R


Honda has big plans for the Civic. They recently announced a fabulous new sedan version in America, and revealed new details on the next Type-R version. Honda’s hot hatchback has never been a fan of big power, until now. It is joining the hot hatch horsepower war, bringing 300bhp.

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New Honda Civic Type R Coming In 2015


You probably thought it’s gone, didn’t you. But Honda Civic Type R will be back in the European market by 2015, and it’s going to be one helluva car. The new generation of the renowned hot hatch is poised to the fastest front-wheel-drive car around the Nurburgring, says the boss of Honda while outlining the […]

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Honda Civic Type R MUGEN 2.2 With More Power


Honda’s in-house tuner Mugen announced a new 2.2 version of its rare Civic Type-R with more umph and joie de vivre.

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Emissions Laws Kill Honda Civic Type R


Honda officially announced that by the end of 2010 the sales of the magnificent Honda Civic Type R will come to an end in Europe,  because the car does not comply with Euro 5 emissions standards. This 210 hp three-door hot hatch is among the top five fast hatchbacks in the market but now thanks […]

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Honda Civic Type R MUGEN 200 Limited Edition


Honda and its in-house tuning arm Mugen has launched another exclusive and visually hot edition of the Civic Type R for the UK market. The type R MUGEN 200 is limited to 200 units and comes with a new body kit, wheels and badges for the sake of a distinctive appearance which is supposed to […]

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Honda to launch Mugen Civic Type-R

hondacivictypermugen 1 175x175 at Honda to launch Mugen Civic Type R

Type-R Honda Civic is like a benchmark by which other hot hatchbacks are judged. They always offer fantastic value in form of great practicality and huge driving fun and reasonable price. Now imagine Honda’s in-house tuner Mugen fiddle with it and give it some extra mojo! The result is really mouthwatering!

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