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Subaru Launches New Safety-Minded TV Spots


Subaru of America has always been pretty good with commercials, especially when they are promoting their sporty models. They know what gets to the audience and delivers the message straight to their subconscious. The latest TV advertising campaign they have come up with promotes the safety of their vehicles.

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Fiat 124 Spider Gets a Couple of Cheeky Commercials


Fiat-Chrysler is off to a flying start with their publicity efforts for the new 2017 Fiat 124 Spider. Yesterday we told you about their “indirect” stunt in giving the 2016 Playmate of the year a free 124 for two years. Now let’s check out the first TV spots they’ve made for this sports car.

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Stephen Hawking Stars in First TV Spot for Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar F-Pace-Hawking-ad-1

Jaguar kicks off their promotional campaign for the new Jaguar F-Pace SUV with a super cool television commercial starring renowned physicist – and massive TV fan – Professor Stephen Hawking. The new ad sort of continues the “British Villains” spots they made a while back, only this time it’s “British Intelligence” they are emphasizing upon, hence […]

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New Subaru Impreza Ad Makes You Want a Dog!


Americans love a good car commercial, and car makers try to take advantage of this by making their ads about stuff that Americans find important. Take this new TV spot for the new Subaru Impreza, for example. It’s not really about the car, but the driver’s dog. And it promotes the subject very nicely. After watching this commercial […]

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Maria Sharapova Stars in Porsche 911 Turbo Ad

Maria Sharapova-911-turbo

Porsche has come up with a new commercial for the 911 (991) Turbo S starring brand ambassador, tennis superstar, and all-around hottie Maria Sharapova. She is the perfect match for car known for its understated and discreet power and pace – one that never gives up.

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Mercedes AMG GT Super Bowl Commercial


Mercedes-Benz is not known to put too much effort into their Super Bowl commercials in terms of hiring celebrities or devising an elaborate plan. That said, for Super Bowl XLIX they have gone and made a Hollywood-grade animation, recreating the classic fable Tortoise and the Hare.

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Newfangled: BMW i3 Super Bowl Commercial

BMW i3 Super Bowl Commercial-1

So with a few days to go until the NFL Super Bowl XLIX, car makers are starting to release their often funny, and expensive, ads for the event. BMW is one of the first to show us what they’ve come up with. It’s made for the i3 electric car and it’s a good’un.

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Must Watch: Forgiato Wheels ‘Unbreakable’ Ad


Following a teaser many many days ago, Forgiato Wheels has now released their ‘Unbreakable’  commercial, which is one of the most expensive ads ever made by a tuner. The reason? They badly damage a Ferrari 458 Italia in it.

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Jim Carrey Spoofs Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln Ads


As you may remember, a while ago Lincoln enlisted the services of Hollywood megastar Matthew McConaughey to help them sell the new MKC crossover. The actor’s decision to do a fairly low-level car commercial caught the cunning eye of Saturday Nigh Live and they tapped Jim Carrey to have a a bit of fun with […]

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Peugeot 208 GTi Gets a New Version of ‘The Bombardier’ TV Spot


One of the most famous car commercials of all time is the fiery ‘The Bombardier’ ad Peugeot made for the 205 GTi back in 1984. In it, the hot hatch was chased by military aircraft amid massif explosions in true James Bond style. Now the automaker has recreated the old commercial for the new 208 […]

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Toyota Aygo Gets Cheeky TV Spot Called “Crazy”


The new Toyota Aygo city car comes with a daring design which many find just plain weird. This, of course, was intentional on Toyota’s part, as they are trying to shake off the old boring image associated with the brand through exciting new shapes and color combos.

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Clever TV Spot for BMW M3 – See If You Get It


BMW is not renowned for making particularly great TV spots. They are far better at print ads and billboards, as we’ve seen a couple of times during the period they had a ‘beef’ going on with Audi. Now BMW USA has come up with a rather clever ad for the BMW M3, emphasizing on its […]

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Busta Rhymes Busts a Rhyme in Toyota’s Swagger Wagon Ad


In another futile attempt to convince people minivans are cool, Toyota has come up with a rap music video that serves as the official Swagger Wagon commercial for the 2015 Sienna. This seems to be a rip-off of Fiat 500L “Motherhood” ad, but whereas Fiat’s rap was cool and funny, this one’s just creepy.

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BMW M4 Drifts on Virtual Aircraft Carrier in New Ad


BMW Canada has got incredibly creative with the advertising campaign for the new M4 Coupe, which is curious, because Canada is not really a big market for sports coupes. At any rate, they came up with this cool idea to have an M4 drift on the edge on an aircraft carrier.

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Jaguar F-Type Coupe Gets Rude Advertisement in UK

Jaguar Billboard

Jaguar is known for their controversial advertising campaigns. Whether it’s poking fun at rivals, or lavishing millions of dollars on celebrities to appear in their ads, they always get the job done and attract a lot of attention to the brand. The latest campaign for the Jaguar F-Type Coupe, called “Good to be Bad,” takes […]

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