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Corvette Grand Sport Is 2017 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car


For the 14th time in the history of the sport a Chevrolet Corvette earns the honor of pacing the prestigious Indianapolis 500. This time it’s a 2017 Corvette Grand Sport tapped to to do the honors, and it’s been given a cool new dress for the job. 

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Which Is Better? Corvette Grand Sport vs Porsche 991 Carrera S


One of the things we like about Motor Trend’s Head 2 Head challenges is that they always have some practical value in the sense that the cars they pit against each other are direct rivals. So people who are trying to decide which one to buy can actually draw some useful consumer advice from these […]

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All You Need to Know About 2017 Corvette Grand Sport


The next car to get the full SaabKyle treatment is the new 2017 Corvette Grand Sport, a car that some argue is the finest version of the C7 Stingray you can buy, even better than the superb Z06. That argument relies on the fact that the Grand Sport offers more value as a package than […]

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2017 Corvette Grand Sport Pricing Announced


If the normal Corvette Stingray C7 is a bit too boring for you and the Z06 too spicy, this year Chevrolet has a new model out that slots neatly between the two. It’s the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport and it will go on sale this summer priced at $66,445 for coupe models and $70,445 for […]

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First Corvette Grand Sport Collector’s Edition to be Auctioned for Charity

Corvette Grand Sport Auction-1

Continuing the great tradition of auctioning off the first production unit of their new cars for charity, General Motors announced the very first copy of the 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Collector’s Edition will go under the hammer at the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach later this week (April 8).

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Official: 2017 Corvette Grand Sport

2017 Corvette Grand Sport-0

Chevrolet came to the Geneva Motor Show this year with a new and special version of the C7 Stingray, the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport. This ‘Vette is pitched as a “purist” model with racing roots, and it has the specifications to back up that claim.

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GeigerCars Corvette Grand Sport


If you wonder why do tuners tend to upgrade already powerful cars, GeigerCars has the answer: Why be satisfied with the standard while we can give you more?! And they have proved many many times that no matter the make, if it’s American they can turn it into a monster. The latest project by Karl […]

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Video: Ron Fellows Drives Corvette Grand Sport

GM’s ace factory driver Ron Fellows has been driving the new Corvette Grand Sport, and Chevrolet filmed it and put it on their Youtube channel! The Grand Sport is a special edition of the ‘Vette which pays homage to the original GS of 1960s. The car comes with a bunch of extras, chief of which […]

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Superformance revives 1963 Corvette Grand Sport


Superformance LLC is done turning the legendary 1963 Grand Sport race car into a modern-day street car, or as they like to call it, a Cobra Killer! This Grand Sport always had the potential to become a direct rival for Carroll Shelby’s Cobra, but GM has been always busy making crap cars and had no […]

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Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Heritage Package


After all, 2009 SEMA show is not all about Camaros for GM! One other fine ride that they’ve brought along is this special edition of already special Corvette Grand Sport. The Vette GS badge made its return after a long time this year, and now GM is presenting this Heritage Package for it, reflecting on […]

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2010 Corvette Grand Sport pricing announced

2010 corvette gs 1 175x175 at 2010 Corvette Grand Sport pricing announced

As General Motors celebrates the milestone of producing 1,500,000th Corvette at GM Bowling Green Assembly since the legend came to life back in 1953, a new version of this American icon is preparing to take the market by storm. In fact the Grand Sport is a normal Vette with some new trims and some performance […]

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Video: Corvette GrandSport launch control in test!

corvette grand sport 1 175x175 at Video: Corvette GrandSport launch control in test!

A while ago General Motors released a new special edition Corvette by reviving the Grand Sport badge. These cars have distinctive visual upgrades to set them apart from standard Vettes and are also very well equipped and as shown in this video very well built! A Chevy dealer in Dearborn, Michigan decided to test one […]

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Videos: 2010 Corvette Grand Sport

2010 Chevrolet Corvette lineup has a new member with a legendary name, the Grand Sport which will come in both coupe and convertible form. GM recently announced details on it but only released one picture! So if you, like us, was eager to know and see more of this car, here’s some video footage of […]

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Ultra rare Chevrolet Corvette to be auctioned

1963corvetteroadster500 175x175 at Ultra rare Chevrolet Corvette to be auctioned

A 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Roadster, number 2 of 5 ever built will be auctioned in Arizona on January 16. This 616 HP racing Vette is the symbol of all American racing heritage and is re-tuned to its original racing state for the auction, said the officials.  Of course the price will be so […]