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Corvette C6 BlackForceOne by LOMA Performance


Obsessed with some airplanes and specially U.S.President’s Air Force One, German tuner LOMA Performance has come up with a package strictly for Corvette C6, which is called C6.BlackForceOne! The car wears a carbon fiber bodykit consisting of a spoiler lip, side skirts, rear diffuser and an optional wing, and only comes in three paint jobs: […]

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Techco Corvette C6: ZR1 power for ten grand!

techo corvete c6 01.thumbnail 175x175 at Techco Corvette C6: ZR1 power for ten grand!

An American tuner called Techco, “The Technology Company” has released a supercharger package for the Corvette C6 which bumps the power up from 430hp standard to 600hp with 535 lb-ft of torque! This supercharger is unique in many ways and is also very advanced and works in a complicating and rather boring way, but what […]

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Karvajal Designs Chevrolet Corvette ZX-1


Karvajal Designs?! Have you ever heard of them? Well, neither have we but anyway, what they’ve done to the Corvette looks pretty sick and that is what matters! It is not fair if you call it just a bodykit, it’s more than that. In fact as they say it’s a Coachbuilt Corvette, like those custom […]

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