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Wald Bentley Flying Spur by God Hand

Wald Bentley Flying Spur GodHand-1

Japanese tuner God Hand has a special touch that manages to make pretty much any car they work on unique and, to be honest, somewhat weird. Take this first generation Wald Bentley Flying Spur, for example. We’ve seen this car before and it looked alright. Here though, well, it does look kind of peculiar, doesn’t […]

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Another Insane Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador by God Hand

Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador God Hand-0

Everybody knows that Japanese tuners are completely crazy when it comes to modifying exotic cars, but this Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador is just off the hook – even by their standards. Then again, it’s put together and painted in this manner by a tuner that calls itself God Hand, so… you know…

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