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Top 10 BMWs – Infographic


It is hard to believe that BMW started car production, in 1929, by making Austin Sevens. These dinky little motors were made under licence and were sold as the Dixi.

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A Guide To The Controls On an F1 Steering Wheel

F1SWheel 175x175 at A Guide To The Controls On an F1 Steering Wheel

During an F1 race you don’t get to see what’s going on inside the cockpit; however, you do often catch the esoteric radio messages between driver and team.

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Top 20 Richest Race Car Drivers

top 20 richest race drivers small 175x175 at Top 20 Richest Race Car Drivers

Ever wondered who are the richest race car drivers in the world, how much money the’re worth and what exactly they drive? Well, we did, so we spent a few days researching and developing a nice Infographics with all the basic info of the top 20 richest race drivers… oh, and yes, Danica Patrick is […]

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Top 30 Hottest Female Racing Drivers

Top 30 Hottest Racing Drivers Top 175x175 at Top 30 Hottest Female Racing Drivers

Who said motorsports are a man’s world? Not only that’s untrue, as it’s pretty obvious women motorsports can be a lot more attractive. We’ve compiled a list of the hottest and sexiest women racing drivers for you to see what we’re talking about. We know the list could go a lot longer, so we expect […]

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Top 20 Most Influential People In The Auto Industry

top 20 short 175x175 at Top 20 Most Influential People In The Auto Industry

So, we all know that cars pretty much rule our world, but honestly, have your ever thought about who’s behind the powerful auto industry? Well, we did, and came up with a TOP 20 list of the most influential people in the auto industry. We decided not set a particular order, just a random one […]

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007 James Bond Cars – Infographics by Motorward

MW 007 Infographics top 175x175 at 007 James Bond Cars   Infographics by Motorward

Today is the day! 2012, October 26th. Bond is back, and driving one of the best Bond car’s ever. We’re big fans of all the Bond cars and gadgets, and are eagerly waiting for the next couple of hours to see what Sam Mendes reserved for us, anyhow we’ve decided to put our hands to […]

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Nürburgring Tourist’s Survival Guide

Nurburgring Lap Times Top 175x149 at Nürburgring Tourist’s Survival Guide

The famous Nürburgring is one of the most gruelling and demanding racing circuits in the world. For 75 years the Nürburgring has been a driving heaven for racers and the general public alike, and its Nordschleife track offers drivers 24km of freedom and a chance to drive in the footsteps (or, more appropriately, tyre treads) […]

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Chevy Infographics Details 2013 Spark

Spark Infographic1 175x175 at Chevy Infographics Details 2013 Spark

Chevrolet Spark is going on sale across America after selling 600,000 units all around the world from Europe to Middle East, and from Korea to Australia. So to let the American people know what’s the deal about this mini car, and also to brag about its accomplishments, Chevy released a handy infographics that does a […]

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Ford Focus ST Overboost Feature Explained

Ford Focus ST Overboost 175x175 at Ford Focus ST Overboost Feature Explained

The new Ford Focus ST, the global high performance car as they refer to it, comes as standard with an overboost feature for its 2.0 liter turbo engine, which for brief seconds increases the torque, and gives better acceleration. The Ecoboost unit in the ST is very fuel efficient and makes 252 horsepower and 270 […]

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2013 Shelby GT500 Gets Clever Launch Control

Mustang Launch Control graphic 175x175 at 2013 Shelby GT500 Gets Clever Launch Control

The new Shelby GT500 is a car late Carroll would be proud of. Not only with 662 horsepower, it’s the most powerful pony car ever, it is also very sophisticated. I know it doesn’t look like it, but it is. Ford just released details of the GT500’s sophisticated launch control, and kid you not, it […]

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World Auto Production by Country 2011 – Infographics

world auto production 2011 motorward infographics top 175x175 at World Auto Production by Country 2011   Infographics

OICA (The International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers) released some Auto production data a couple of weeks ago, so we’ve decided to create some graphical representation of some very interesting figures. It looks that China is (and will be) the world leader, by producing alone more than the United States of America and Japan together. […]

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Mercedes Timeline – Infographics

mercedes timeline motorward 175x175 at Mercedes Timeline – Infographics

Following the history of Mercedes we’ve recently made available you, we’ve now decided to create something more visual that would easily show the most important Mercedes models over the years. We’re quite excited with the final result of this infographics, and hope you also like it as much as we do. There’s also an HD […]

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Motorward’s 2011 Hottest Cars: Infographic

2011 best cars MW top at Motorwards 2011 Hottest Cars: Infographic

For those of you who cannot be bothered to follow the latest trends in the world of cars, we came up with this handy Infographic, featuring what we think are the hottest cars of 2011. These are exclusive models, most of them with limited production numbers, all designed and developed for the pure joy of […]

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