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Lumma Jaguar F-Pace Kit Goes Official


Following an early preview, the highly anticipated Lumma Jaguar F-Pace CLR F tuning package is now available, as showcased here in full glory. The upgrade package for the British SUV consists of cool body kit, a number of interior enhancements, some awesome wheels, and a decent power upgrade.

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Lumma BMW X6 CLR R Wide Body

Lumma BMW X6 CLR R-0

Lumma Design’s wide body CLR styling package for BMW X6 is not exactly hot out of oven, but it is so intricate and elaborate in its details that each new iteration of it looks like a whole new treatment. This shiny yellow thing here is the latest Lumma BMW X6 boasting a CLR R wide […]

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Lumma BMW X5 CLR RS by TopCar

Lumma BMW X5 CLR RS-0

It is not often that Russian tuner TopCar does a BMW, but when the kit they have for the Bimmer is one of Lumma’s finest, that’s a different story. This is what they have just come up with, a wide body Lumma BMW X5 CLR RS featuring a full body kit as well as new […]

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Spotlight: Lumma Mercedes GLE Coupe CLR G800

Lumma Mercedes GLE Coupe-0

Even though it was over a year ago when Lumma Mercedes GLE Coupe was first announced, we never saw this thing in the flesh. And we didn’t really remember it either, mainly because TopCar kept us busy with their GLE Infernos. Now though they can show us a Lumma CLR G800 in full glory, and […]

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Preview: Lumma Jaguar F-Pace CLR

Lumma Jaguar F-Pace-0

German tuning firm Lumma Design becomes the first company to announce a proper upgrade package for the new Jaguar SUV, the F-Pace. Boasting a styling kit, performance upgrade for all variants, and some extremely fancy wheels, Lumma Jaguar F-Pace will be a hard act to follow for other tuners.

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Lumma Range Rover Sport SVR Gets 680 PS

Lumma Range Rover Sport SVR-1

The latest Lumma Range Rover Sport variant to get a full upgrade package from the German tuner is the new SVR model. As the range-topping version of the British SUV, the car deserves a range-topping treatment, and that is what it has received.

Gallery: Lumma BMW X6 Looks Dope in Black

Lumma BMW X6-Black-0

A few days ago we showed you a few pictures of the new Lumma BMW X6 CLR X6 R body kit in its final production form. That car was white and garnished with a bit too much sporty paraphernalia. The CLR we have for you here though is finished in what we like to call […]

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Lumma BMW X6 CLR Returns in New Gallery

Lumma BMW X6-white-0

Lumma Design is showing off their latest styling kit for the latest BMW X6 in a new color. The Mineral White Metallic Lumma BMW X6 is sporting the CLR R kit which is one of the most thorough styling packages available for the German SUV.

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Lumma Porsche Cayenne CLR 558 GT-R

Lumma Porsche Cayenne-2015-0

Lumma Design’s custom body kit for the 2015 Porsche Cayenne is a tailored package codenamed CLR 558 GT-R. To you and I it is simply the new Lumma Porsche Cayenne. And it features a surprisingly sober design for a Lumma product.

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Lumma BMW X6 CLR Detailed in New Gallery

Lumma BMW X6-detail-0

We have already introduced the new Lumma BMW X6 F16 to you in a separate post. Now, courtesy of TopCar, we can bring you a detailed look at the CLR X6 R styling kit. In this gallery you get to see every nook and cranny and decide if this is the right kit for your […]

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Official: Lumma Mercedes GLE Coupe

Lumma Mercedes GLE Coupe-0

The craftsmen of Lumma Design tuning center are hard at work these days preparing a hot new product based on the Mercedes GLE Coupe for the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. Known as CLR G 800, Lumma Mercedes GLE Coupe gets a full styling as well as interior and performance upgrade.

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New Lumma Wheels for BMW X6 and Range Rover Sport

Lumma Wheels X6 Sport

Lumma Design is one of the most prominent body kit makers for all sorts of high-end, premium cars. The latest offering by the German tuning house, however, is not a full visual treatment but new ‘spring collection’ wheels designed for BMW X6 and Range Rover Sport.

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Lumma Range Rover Sport CLR RS in Firenze Red

Lumma Range Rover Sport-0

You may remember this Lumma Range Rover Sport, dubbed CLR RS, from last year. The tuner is now showing off another version of this styling kit in a fiery shade of red called Firenze Red, boasting a unique and de luxe interior.

Published on Saturday, April 4, 2015 at 7:37 by
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Lumma Range Rover LWB CLR R Wide Body

Lumma Range Rover LWB-0

If you are one of those Range Rover owners who find understated tuning kits like this Kahn Design 600-LE not interesting enough, this Lumma CLR package might be the one for you. The full name of this car is Lumma Range Rover LWB CLR R Wide Body, which is a mouthful. But then again, it […]

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Lumma Mercedes SLK R170 Is a Blast from the Past

Lumma Mercedes SLK-0

Lumma Tuning released pictures of a first-generation Mercedes SLK R170 they have recently given a makeover to. This model was widely known as a “girl’s car” when it was first launched, owing to its cutesy looks and folding hardtop. As a result, the next generations of the SLK became more and more butch and less […]

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