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Mercedes-AMG Turns 50 – The Highlghts

50 Jahre Mercedes-AMG Feier im Rahmen des 24-Stunden-Rennen am Nürburgring

Daimler has planned many celebratory events for the 50th anniversary of Mercedes-AMG, the Affalterbach-tuner which was incorporated into the company half a century ago and since then has become the byword for high-quality performance driving. And they are kicking things off with a handy video highlighting the best products of the past 50 years. 

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Mercedes-AMG Hypercar Initial Specs Revealed

Mercedes-AMG Hypercar-teaser-1

The top brass at Daimler has been pondering the idea of an AMG hypercar for quite a while. But something happened to them toward the end of 2016 that made them say the hell with it, let’s just go ahead and make the thing already. And so was born the first Mercedes-AMG Hypercar, although it […]

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This Has Been the Sound of AMG in 2016

amg-soundtrack video

Mercedes-AMG has dropped one of the coolest promo videos they have ever created, featuring all of their 2016modelyear vehicles in one clip in which they get to sing their sweet AMG song. The unique and throaty exhaust note of an AMG has always been one of the major factors for people buying them, and it’s […]

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Official: Mercedes-AMG C43 Coupe

Mercedes-AMG C43 Coupe-0

It is unlike AMG to downgrade themselves and build a mild-mannered, reasonably powerful version of one of their brutal sports car. But hey, that’s what the market wants at the moment, and they are happy to oblige. Meet the new Mercedes-AMG C43 Coupe 4MATIC, a diet version of the C63 AMG.

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Mercedes-AMG’s “Something Fast” Is the New C63 Coupe

New C63 Coupe-teaser-0

About a week ago Mercedes-AMG released a cryptic teaser video announcing that “something fast” is coming. Based on what was going on back then and all the spyshots from the ‘Ring, we all thought that car was the hard-core AMG GT we’ve been waiting for. Now a series of new teaser pictures reveal that the […]

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Speculative Rendering: Mercedes AMG Hypercar

Mercedes AMG Hypercar-1

Mercedes and AMG have the technology, the money and the desire necessary to build a hypercar capable of rivaling Porsche, McLaren and Ferrari. They have done it once before with the SLR, and they might well be tempted to do it again. Should they go ahead with this plan, this is what the Mercedes AMG Hypercar […]

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Mercedes AMG Buys 25 Percent of MV Agusta

Mercedes-AMG und MV Agusta geben Kooperation bekannt. Die neue Partnerschaft umfasst die Zusammenarbeit bei Marketing und Vertrieb. Hier die aktuellen Produkt-Highlights der beiden High-End Marken: Der Mercedes-AMG GT S und die MV Agusta F3 800 Ago. // Mercedes-AMG and MV Agusta announce cooperation. The new partnership covers the cooperation in the area of marketing and sales. The actual product highlights of the two high-end brands: The Mercedes-AMG GT S and the MV Agusta F3 800 Ago.

There are two things AMG likes almost as much as cars: luxury yachts and fast bikes. they have been very actively in both those areas in recent years, teaming up with boat makers and buying famous motorcycle brands.

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Mercedes AMG GT Performance Teaser


Yesterday Mercedes-AMG released another teaser for the upcoming AMG GT sports car, and like most their previous videos, it has to do with the car’s amazing engine. This time they talk about the exhilarating performance that results from combining a 500-hp V8 with a lightweight body.

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Mercedes AMG GT Gets Minimalistic Teaser Model


The AMG showroom in Affalterbach has now on display a full-size teaser model of the upcoming AMG GT sports car. Due to the minimalistic design of this model, you need to stare at it for a while to realize it depicts a car, but it does give you a rough idea of the shape of […]

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Mercedes AMG GT Returns in New Teasers


Mercedes-AMG Performance Magazine web special has revealed new teaser pictures and fresh details about the new AMG GT sports car. Set to be revealed later this year and go on sale in mid 2015, the Mercedes AMG GT is shown here in its famous Poison Green camo disguise.

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Mercedes AMG GT Has Hidden Dimensions!

Mercedes-AMG GT Exhaust

Mercedes-AMG released a series of new videos teasing the exhaust noise of the new AMG-GT’s V8 engine. They reveal how it sounds while idling, at low rev and high rev, and all of them sound awesome. They have also come up with some interesting wave patterns to illustrate those noises.

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Mercedes AMG GT Officially Teased

Mercedes AMG GT Official Teaser-1

Mercedes and AMG have already confirmed the launch of a brand-new sports car which they have named, rather unimaginatively, the Mercedes AMG GT. Now they have announced an official teasing campaign for the car, building up some hype for its debut in autumn 2014.

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Mercedes AMG GT Interior Design Revealed

Mercedes AMG GT Interior-1

Mercedes-Benz confirmed the world premiere of the new AMG GT sports car in the autumn of 2014, revealing the first pictures of its cockpit. So they decided to reveal the car inside out, which is fine, because with an interior like this the rest of the car must be quite awesome.

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Lewis Hamilton Tests Mercedes CLA, Talks F1

hamilton cla interview 175x175 at Lewis Hamilton Tests Mercedes CLA, Talks F1

And so it begins. His first day in Stuttgart, as a Mercedes AMG Petronas driver, and they asked Lewis Hamilton to do a publicity video for the new Mercedes CLA. In their defense, it was better to see Lewis driving around and talk about his Formula 1 career, than him sitting in an office. Let’s […]

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AMG Driving Academy 2013 Schedule Revealed (US)

AMG Driving Academy 175x175 at AMG Driving Academy 2013 Schedule Revealed (US)

AMG Driving Academy, arguably the best of its kind in the world, announced details of its plans to provide American enthusiasts and AMG aficionados with a chance to improve their skills in a fun and exciting way. The calendar includes four events and three different levels.