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Rolls-Royce Dawn Gets Cool Britto Wrap

Rolls-Royce Dawn Britto-0

Britto is a Brazilian neo-pop artist who, according to Wikipedia, combines “elements of cubism, pop art and graffiti painting” in his work. What results, and they always feature loud and brash colors, are quite nice to look at. Now this artist has come up with a wrap design for a Rolls-Royce Dawn.

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Avery ColorFlow McLaren 12C by Metro Wrapz

Avery ColorFlow McLaren 12C-0

Color shifting wraps – or chameleon wraps, as they are known among the fans – are all the rage right now and for some reason McLaren owners seem to be particularly fond of them. We have seen it on a special P1, now the guys at Metro Wrapz have applied a toned down version to […]

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Rusted BMW i8 by Metro Wrapz

Rusted BMW i8-0

You may not recognize it in its new wrap, but this i8 belongs to singer Austin Mahone who, a while back, had had it wrapped in “Iron Man” red. The Rusted BMW i8, as they call it, is the first of its kind in the world and it’s done by the same fellas who wrapped […]

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BMW i8 Jeff Koons Tribute by Metro Wrapz

BMW i8 Jeff Koons Tribute-0

If this weird but wonderful design looks familiar to you, that is because you have already seen it on an official BMW art car, an M3 GT2 designed years ago by Jeff Koons. Now the guys at Metro Wrapz have recreated this design on a BMW i8, and we have to say this one looks […]

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Matte Orange BMW i8 Looks Candylicious!

Matte Orange BMW i8-0

For all its serious futuristic looks, BMW i8 can be turned into a fun and playful thing with something as simple as a wrap. It’s all about the color, as shown here with this Matte Orange BMW i8 by Metro Wrapz which looks like a candy.

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Ferrari 488 Chrome Couture by Metro Wrapz

Ferrari 488 Chrome Couture-0

The guys at Metro Wrapz are responsible for some of the world’s loopiest and yet coolest artistic car wraps. One of their latest creations, designed for the Beauty and the Beasts event at Jumbo Luxury Cars in Florida, is this one-of-a-kind Ferrari 488 Chrome Couture.

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Dodge Charger Police Car Gets 4th of July Wrap

Charger-4th of July-0

Davie Police Department of Florida decided they wanted to be extra patriotic on this year’s Independence Day and had one of their Dodge Charger cruisers wrapped in a special 4th of July-inspired design. The wrapper doing the honors is Miami’s own Metro Wrapz.

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Chrome-Accented Rolls-Royce Phantom by Metro Wrapz

Chrome-Accented Phantom-0

While we absolutely hate full chrome wraps, what Metro Wrapz has done with this Rolls-Royce Phantom is making us think may be a partial wrap with this material is not such a bad idea after all. We hate to admit it, but this thing looks pretty cool.

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Chrome and Color Ferrari 458 by Metro Wrapz

Chrome and Color Ferrari 458-0

You thought that orange chrome Porsche 911 was over the top? Well, check this out. This Chrome and Color Ferrari 458 Italia by the visionary chaps at Metro Wrapz is definitely in the top five list for the weirdest, most extraordinary wraps of all time.

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Spotlight: Austin Mahone’s Iron Man BMW i8

Iron Man BMW i8-0

Austin Mahone, we gather, is a pop singer of sorts. He is not as successful as, say, Justin Bieber, but still he makes enough money to indulge his love of unique cars. This Iron Man BMW i8 is the boy’s latest acquisition, created for him by a task force of some of America’s finest tuners.

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Lamborghini Huracan Darth Vader by Metro Wrapz

Lamborghini Huracan Darth Vader-0

So yesterday we showed you a Lamborghini Gallardo with a Blue Chrome wrap, and now – just to balance things out – here’s a Huracan wrapped a unique design the like of which has never been seen before. Lamborghini Huracan Darth Vader wrap is done by Metro Wrapz of Florida.

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Matte Orange Cadillac Escalade on Forgiato 26s

matte orange Cadillac Escalade-0

Talk about a unique take on the Escalade. This big, red, bulbous thing you see here is the result of a joint project between Forgiato wheels and Metro Wraps, based on an order from MrWheels shop. Even Forgiato themselves admit the matte orange Cadillac Escalade has too much “Florida flair” about it.

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Gloss Yellow Lexus IS by Metro Wrapz

Gloss Yellow Lexus IS-0

You may remember a few days ago we brought to you pictures of a LFA Yellow Lexus IS equipped with Vossen wheels. Now someone else has decided he wants his IS finished in yellow as well, and he sent it to Metro Wrapz for the treatment. Turns out yellow is a popular color for the […]

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Cadillac Escalade Rust Chrome by Metro Wrapz

Cadillac Escalade Rust Chrome-0

One of the coolest vehicles on display at this year’s Forgiato Fest was without a doubt Metro Wrapz’s Cadillac Escalade Rust Chrome. This is hands down the most unique wrap we’ve seen on this vehicle and one that can almost be called artistic.

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Matte White BMW i8 by Metro Wrapz


Contrary to early speculations, it turns out that the futuristic looks of the BMW i8 respond well to getting wrapped in unusual colors. A while back we showed you a very interesting green i8. Now check out this more discreet but equally good-looking matte white BMW i8 wrapped by Metro Wrapz.

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