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BMW i3 and i8 CrossFade by Garage Italia


You may remember Garage Italia Customs from their previous works with a BMW which was a futuristic paint job for a BMW i8. Now they have teamed up with the German automaker for a similar project, this time painting a BMW i3 and an i8 in an innovative design called CrossFade.

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Ferrari Marks its 70th Anniversary with Special Liveries


The big news for Ferrari at this year’s Paris Motor Show was supposed to be the debut of the LaFerrari Aperta. But the open-top hypercar was kind of overshadowed by five special edition, Tailor-Made models built to celebrate the brand’s 70th anniversary in style.

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BMW Concept X2 Unveiled in Paris

BMW Concept X2-0

The main highlight of BMW’s stand at this year’s Paris Motor Show is the long-rumored X2 compact crossover, revealed in concept form. Although it is supposed to be a jacked-up 2 Series GT, BMW Concept X2 actually shows a rather dashing and dynamic small SUV that could be a nice addition to the car maker’s […]

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Audi RS3 Sedan Revealed with 400 PS

Audi RS3 Sedan-0

If you like small cars with big power but hot hatchbacks aren’t really your thing, Audi has unveiled a new RS model at the Paris Motor Show which could be just what you’re looking for. The new Audi RS3 Sedan is an unassuming compact saloon with a 400 PS engine, a top speed of 174 […]

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Lexus UX Concept Unveiled in Paris

Lexus UX-Paris-0

One of the debuts at this year’s Paris Motor Show we were eager to see ever since we laid eyes on the preview was the Lexus UX Concept, a new compact crossover by the Japanese car maker with no respect for the ordinary. The delightfully angular UX has now been fully revealed and is on […]

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Official: Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ Concept

Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ-0

The “mobility of the future” is a subject always on the forefront of any major car maker’s thoughts, especially one as innovative and creative as Mercedes-Benz. Each ear they come up with a new concept showcasing their latest ideas in this field, and here’s this year’s offering, the Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ, presented at the Paris […]

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Renault Trezor Concept Takes Paris by Storm

Renault Trezor-0

Renault turned up at their home motor show in Paris with a jaw-dropping new sports concept called the Trezor. This fabulous thing has electric power, and plenty of it, and looks absolutely amazing. But before you get too excited let us tell you that it is not happening. There’s no production plan for Renault Trezor.

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SsangYong LIV-2 Goes Official in Paris

SsangYong LIV-2 Paris-0

The last and most important of SsangYong SUV concepts have been officially revealed at the Paris Motor Show, heralding according to the manufacturer, “a new design language and future product development strategy for the brand.” SsangYong LIV-2, as it’s called, is expected to be announced as a production model some time in 2017.

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Hyundai RN30 Concept Unveiled in Paris

Hyundai RN30 Concept-0

As promised Hyundai’s new high-performance arm, known simply as N, revealed their latest product at the 2016 Paris Motor Show in form of Hyundai RN30 Concept. The division is not yet ready to go all out with production models, but judging by what we’re seeing here they’re almost there.

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Watch Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster Make its Paris Debut

Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster Paris Debut

Ever wondered what it’s like to actually be there on the show floor when a car maker unveils a brand-new model? Well, you need wonder no longer because in this post we are going to take you there and show you how it goes down, from beginning to the end. The car whose debut we’re […]

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Volkswagen I.D. Concept Unveiled in Paris

Volkswagen ID-0

Volkswagen have been giving us hybrid and electric concepts for years, but so far they haven’t been able to turn any of those concepts into something with production value. They say things are about to change, though, with this, the Volkswagen I.D. Concept which will be launched as a compact electric car in 2020 parallel […]

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New Honda Civic Type R Prototype Hits Paris

Civic Type R Prototype-0

Along with the new generation of the regular Civic Hatchback, Honda has brought with them a Civic Type R Prototype to the Paris Motor Show as well. This is definitely going to steal the thunder of the regular version, but you probably won’t see it as a production model until 2018.

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Paris Preview: Mercedes Bobby-AMG GT

Mercedes Bobby-AMG GT-0

Car makers seem have suddenly become interested in the toy car market. We hadn’t recovered from hearing about McLaren’s P1 toy car when we came across this, the Bobby-AMG GT set for Paris Motor Show debut. Mercedes’ new bobby car is exact replica of the real AMG GT… for three-year-olds.

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Paris Preview: Hyundai N Concept RN30

Hyundai N Concept RN30

Hyundai has gotten really good with the teasing games, especially when the subject is a new product of their high-performance N division. This yet-to-become-operational arm of the company is responsible for making hotted-up, sporty models, and they are coming to this year’s Paris Motor Show with this, the Hyundai N Concept RN30.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce Announced for Paris Debut

Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce-0

In response to the huge interest shown by the press and public alike to the new Giulia sedan, Alfa Romeo is now adding a new version to the car’s lineup which slots between the high-end QV and the base models, offering a good compromise between the two. It is called Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce and […]

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