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1020-hp Porsche GT2 RS by Wimmer RS


Porsche 911 GT2 RS is – or rather was, as it was limited to just 500 units and they are all sold – an insane car. It has scary speed and twitchy handling which is downright dangerous. It may sound weird, but that is exactly why die hard Porsche fans loved it so much. Now […]

Blast From The Past: Porsche 993 GT2

993 gt2 175x175 at Blast From The Past: Porsche 993 GT2

There used to be a time when turbocharged Porsche 911s were among the world’s top five widow makers! And this 993 GT2 was one of them best. The 450 hp monster was basically a race car with license plate. Its brutality is of course what makes it interesting in this age of PASM and PDK. […]

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Wimmer RS Bi-turbo Porsche GT2 Speed with 827hp!


I don’t know what possessed Wimmer RS tuners to think about modifying a beast such as Porsche GT2, but whatever the inspiration was, it was strong! Because they have gone berserk with the car and managed to extract a simply colossal 827 hp and 948 Nm of torque. Now the only thing you need is […]

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9ff BT2 – Porsche GT2 with 850 hp


Looks like tuners around the world has started a horsepower war with this Porsche 911 GT2! It’s the second one we feature today and it has 50 more horsepower than the Switzer’s GT2 with 800hp! This one is a creation of the best name in business, 9ff. And they’ve called it BT-2.

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Porsche 997 GT2 by Switzer Performance

switzer gt2 175x175 at Porsche 997 GT2 by Switzer Performance

The creators of the 1000hp SLEDGEHAMMER now has come up with a lighter more sensible package for the Porsche GT2, only 800hp! They have not announced any performance figures yet, maybe because they couldn’t find anyone with enough bravery to drive this animal. The regular GT2 with 530 hp is so wild and unforgiving, now […]

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Video:Nissan GT-R Vs Porsche GT2 at Nürburgring

Do you remmeber Nissan claiming faster Nürburgring time and Porsche saying they’ve cheated? So it is time to find out who was telling the truth! To heat up the feud between Nissan and Porsche, guys at Drivers Republic took the two to the ring to work out the issues!

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