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Sportec revealed 858hp Porcshe 997

sportec porsche 1 175x175 at Sportec revealed 858hp Porcshe 997

This is the Sportec SPR1 T80 which is a modified Porsche 997 from a tuner in Switzerland. If you judge it by the way it looks, you might think, at most, it has 500, 550 hp. Because unlike any other tuned Porsche, the SPR1 is not shouty at all, it looks very innocent! But this […]

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9ff BT2 – Porsche GT2 with 850 hp


Looks like tuners around the world has started a horsepower war with this Porsche 911 GT2! It’s the second one we feature today and it has 50 more horsepower than the Switzer’s GT2 with 800hp! This one is a creation of the best name in business, 9ff. And they’ve called it BT-2.

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