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2015 Mustang-Based Saleen S302 Black Label Revealed

Saleen S302 Black Label-0

Steve Saleen’s take on the new 2015 Ford Mustang is finally ready to roll and it is a complete beast. Unveiled at a special ceremony in L.A., the Saleen S302 Black Label features a bespoke body kit, upgraded chassis, custom interior, and a 730 horsepower V8 engine.

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2015 Saleen Mustang 302 Details Revealed

Saleen Mustang 302

Steve Saleen released the first details of his take on the 2015 Ford Mustang, which they call Mustang 302. The upgrade packages they have devised for the car come in three versions called white, yellow and black label.

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Saleen Foursixteen Tesla Model S Unveiled

Saleen Foursixteen-0

The long-awaited Saleen-tuned Tesla Model S was finally unveiled this past weekend at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in form of Saleen Foursixteen. This is the world’s first properly modified Model S including visual, mechanical, and electronic upgrades.

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2015 Saleen Mustang Previewed

2015 Saleen Mustang Preview

The first image of the 2015 Saleen Mustang has been revealed by the American firm. Saleen, apparently, is planning some serious changes for the new Ford Mustang, including a complete and thorough facelift for a bold new look.

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Tesla Model S by Saleen Previewed in Official Sketches

Tesla Model S by Saleen-1

Things are starting to come together nicely and quickly at Saleen Automotive regarding their Tesla Model S project. Following their first announcement, they have now released official sketches of the car, showcasing the body kit and the special paint jobs it will be sporting.

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Saleen SA-30 Anniversary Models Get Katzkin Interior

Saleen SA-30 Katzkin-1

Saleen Automotive has teamed up with industry-leader Katzkin to provide their special edition Saleen SA-30 anniversary models with fancy leather interiors. A sneak preview of what they have planned for these Camaros and Challengers was revealed at the Chicago Auto Show, and it looks really good.

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Saleen Tesla Model S in the Works

Saleen Tesla Model S

The name Saleen is associated mostly with high-powered Mustangs and the S7 super car. Now, and in a major leap forward, the American tuner and car maker announced a new project to launch an exclusive electric vehicle based on the Tesla Model S.

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Thirty Celebratory Saleen SA-30 Models Planned

Saleen SA 30 175x175 at Thirty Celebratory Saleen SA 30 Models Planned

Celebrating the 30th year of producing specialty vehicles, Steve Saleen announced his company’s intention to releases 30 new SA-30 models, including ten Saleen 620 Camaro, ten 570 Challenger, and ten 302 Mustang.

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New Saleen Supercar Set For 2015 Launch

Saleen S5S Raptor 175x175 at New Saleen Supercar Set For 2015 Launch

Looks like Steve Saleen is keen to make up for all that time he wasted laying low, away from the business. They are announcing new projects one after another, with the latest one promising a new Saleen supercar.

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Saleen Heritage Collection Presents Mustang George Follmer Edition

Heritage Collection Saleen Follmer Edition SIDE 175x175 at Saleen Heritage Collection Presents Mustang George Follmer Edition

Steve Saleen is back in the headlines announcing his plans to launch a new series of Saleen Heritage Collection, paying homage to America’s top stock car drivers and Ford’s factory-backed race cars. A trio of new Mustangs will continue the tradition that began in late 2000’s with the Saleen Parnelli Jones and Saleen Dan Gurney […]

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700-hp Saleen 351 Mustang Announced

Saleen 351 Mustang 175x175 at 700 hp Saleen 351 Mustang Announced

Saleen has been awfully quiet for a while, but now they are back and they are making some noise. The American tuner and car maker just announced the production of the new Saleen 351 Mustang series, which judging by the numbers they are claiming, is a serious bit of kit.

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2013 Saleen Mustang 351 Announced


Steve Saleen is back at it, announcing the new Saleen 351 Mustang based on the 2013 V8 ‘Stang. He’s coming heavy too, as the car packs a full 700 hp and 655 ft-lb of torque from a 351 cubic inch engine fitted with a Saleen 296 supercharger system.

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Saleen S7 On ADV1 Wheels


Just about the only supercar we hadn’t seen rocking ADV1 wheels was Saleen S7. So here it is, a silver S7 by AE performance with a set of bespoke ADV5.2 Track Spec SL lightweight rims. The S7 being a 700 horsepower speed machine, they didn’t want to mess with its dynamics, so the wheels come […]

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SMS Supercars White, Yellow and Black Label Mustangs


The new line of Steve Saleen’s SMS Supercars tuned Mustangs will be recognized by their color label. There’s the  White, Yellow and Black Label Mustangs in honor of Saleen’s racing heritage colors.

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2011 Saleen S302 Based On Mustang 5.0


Saleen Performance Vehicles released a few more details on their new S302 model based on the 2011 Ford Mustang 5.0. Disappointingly, at this stage the performance remains he same as standard, which means you have to live with just 425 hp of the car’s new 5.0 liter V8. But they offer interior and exterior modifications.

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