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Bentley Mulsanne Gets Mild Upgrades from Mansory and Startech


A car of Bentley Mulsanne‘s class and prestige does not really need modifications and upgrades, mainly because it’s like getting a Cartier watch and then spray painting the bezel. But for those who aren’t satisfied with the car in standard guise, there are now some mild upgrades available from some big time tuners. 

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Startech Bentley Bentayga in Fancy New Colors

Sartech Bentley Bentayga-new-0

After its formal introduction earlier this year Startech Bentley Bentayga went on to become one of the most popular aftermarket packages for the British SUV. The tuner keeps rolling out various copies of it, some in truly interesting colors. Here we are featuring a few of latest Bentaygas they’ve done for your viewing pleasure.

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Startech Bentley Bentayga Goes Official

Startech Bentley Bentayga-off-0

Following an early preview with some wheels, the full-fat version of Startech Bentley Bentayga is now ready to roll and it’s looking good. Well, we say full fat, but for now you only get visual mods. There is a power kit in the works, but it’s not ready yet.

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Startech Jaguar F-Pace Kicks Things Off with Wheels

Startech Jaguar F-Pace-0

After announcing their intention to improve Bentley Bentayga by having it fitted with some cool wheels, Startech is now doing the same thing with the new Jaguar SUV. Shown here equipped with fancy rims, Startech Jaguar F-Pace will eventually get a full treatment from the German tuning house.

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Startech Wheels Look Good on Bentley Bentayga

Startech Bentley Bentayga-0

Even though the new Bentley Bentayga is flying out of the showrooms these days, most of the reviews and “expert opinions” we have heard about the beefy British SUV have been full of negative points. People have mocked this car from the way it looks right down to its target audience, which is said to be […]

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Startech Bentley Continental GT Hits North America

Startech Bentley Continental GT-NA-0

One of the stars of this year’s Geneva Motor Show, at least among tuner cars, was the new Startech Bentley Continental GT featuring a unique styling kit. Now only a few weeks following its debut the first Startech GT is launched in North America by Driving Emotions Motorcar.

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Gallery: Startech at Geneva Motor Show 2016


German tuner, and a subsidiary of Brabus, Startech turned up at this year’s Geneva Motor Show with a bunch of nicely upgraded British cars. It was just like las year, only this time around the lineup was somewhat limited and comprised mostly of SUVs.

Range Rover Sport SVR Gets Startech Options

Startech Range Rover Sport SVR-0

Just like last year, for this year’s Geneva Motor Show Startech is preparing a whole bunch of new kits for new British cars. One of the models getting a full treatment is the Range Rover Sport SVR and here’s a preview what’s in store for the high-performance super SUV.

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ADV1 Wheels Look Good on Startech Range Rover

Startech Range Rover ADV1-1

You may remember Startech Range Rover from this year’s Geneva Motor Show, except this one is black and feature a very cool optional extra in form of a set of ADV1 Wheels. Built by Driving Emotions Motor Cars, this black beast is one of the sickest RRs in the market right now.

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Startech Bentley Continental GT & Flying Spur

Startech Bentley-IAA-0

After revealing their upgrade program for the Land Rover Discovery, Startech continues their love affair with British cars by engaging two hot Bentleys. Startech Bentley Continental GT and Flying Spur packages bow at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

IAA Preview: Startech Land Rover Discovery Sport

Startech Discovery Sport-0

German tuner Startech enjoyed a very successful campaign at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, unveiling a full range of customized British cars to critical acclaim. Now they seem to be following the same recipe for the 2015 IAA with this, the Startech Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Official: Startech Land Rover Defender SIXTY8

Startech Land Rover Defender-0

Following their Geneva Motor Show onslaught which focused solely on British cars, German tuner Startech is back at it, this time making a celebratory version of the old Landie Defender they call the SIXTY8. As the name suggests, this Startech Land Rover Defender celebrates the off-roader’s 68-year production run. Wanna guess how many they are […]

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Startech Range Rover Pickup Is Confusing!

Startech Range Rover Pickup-0

Brabus subsidiary Startech has come up with a new idea for improving the Range Rover. They have already done the body kit thing for this model, so this time they decided to modify the body style itself and that resulted in the Startech Range Rover Pickup.

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Tuner Cars at Geneva: Startech and Techart


Earlier today we showed a glimpse into Hamann’s booth at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Now let’s check out two of the other prominent European tuners who brought a number of pretty amazing cars to this year’s show, Startech and Techart.

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Startech Land Rover Defender Headed to Geneva

Startech Land Rover Defender-0

Continuing with the British theme they have adopted for this year’s Geneva Motor Show, German tuner Startech released pictures and details of their kit for the Land Rover Defender. It will join the Range Rovers, the Evoque, and the F-Type on display.

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