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Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl Ad with Kevin Hart

Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl-1

Kia and Hyundai have really gone out of their way to make sure their Super Bowl 50 commercials are top-notch. And the way they’ve done it is by hiring some top-notch celebrities. We’ve already shown you Christopher Walken in Kia Optima’s ad and Ryan Reynolds in Hyundai Eleantra’s. Now check out Kevin Hart in the […]

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Audi R8 Super Bowl Ad Features David Bowie’s Starman

audi r8 super bowl ad

Audi has been pretty clever with their Super Bowl 50 “Big Game” commercial. It promotes the new Audi R8 super car by comparing the thrill of driving it to the going up to space in rocket. But the main highlight of the ad, and what makes it memorable, is David Bowie’s Starman playing toward the […]

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Kia Super Bowl 50 Ad Released: Walken Closet

Walken Closet

Following an engaging teaser Kia has now released their Super Bowl 50 commercial, named Walken Closet, in full. As we have said before, the ad stars the legend that is Christopher Walken and the new Kia Optima, as well as a pair of socks.

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Singing of the Lambs: Honda Ridgeline Super Bowl Spot

Honda Ridgeline Super Bowl

Honda is using their expensive TV spot during Super Bowl 50 to promote the Ridgeline pickup truck. That’s what you do when you audience is mainly comprised of beered-up, testosterone-filled men who find their joy in shouting at football players on TV.

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Ryan Reynolds Stars in Hyundai Super Bowl 50 Ad


Hyundai is focusing their ad campaign for this year Super Bowl event on promoting the new 2017 Hyundai Elantra. And they’ve gone all out, hiring Ryan Reynolds to star in one of the spots, and a couple of bears to star in the other.

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Subaru Brings Back the Dogs for “Puppy Bowl” Ads

Subaru Puppy Bowl

Following the success of their previous dog-centered commercials, Subaru of America is bringing back the puppies for the super bowl commercials this year with a series of spots featuring the Barkleys. They’re a bit cheesy, but gosh darn it they’re adorable!

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Acura NSX Super Bowl Ad Is Not Funny

Acura NSX Super Bowl

Not that there is anything wrong with that, but we are used to super bowl commercials, especially those made by car makers, to be funny. But the spot for the 2017 Acura NSX focuses on “Precision Crafted Performance” and shows us a bunch of robots and bits of metal.

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Kia Super Bowl Ad with Christopher Walken – Teaser

Kia Super Bowl 50-Walken

Super Bowl 50 is just around the corner and that, for car people, means a ton of cool and entertaining car commercials featuring high-profile celebrities. Kia Motors is the first to reveal what they have in store, or rather closet, and it’s Christopher Walken.

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Fast and Furious 7 Super Bowl Trailer


The next teaser trailer for Fast and Furious 7, or just Furious 7 for short, was dropped last night during the Super Bowl, and it’s a good one. This trailer confirms early suspicions that everything in the new installment is turned up to eleven – the explosions, crashes, girls, even machine guns. They are all […]

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Mercedes AMG GT Super Bowl Commercial


Mercedes-Benz is not known to put too much effort into their Super Bowl commercials in terms of hiring celebrities or devising an elaborate plan. That said, for Super Bowl XLIX they have gone and made a Hollywood-grade animation, recreating the classic fable Tortoise and the Hare.

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Pierce Brosnan Stars in Kia’s Super Bowl Ad

“The Perfect Getaway” is the name of Kia’s Super Bowl commercial for the XLIX event which will air in the third quarter of the game. It stars former James Bond Pierce Brosnan and the latest Kia Sorento SUV. You can probably see where this is going.

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Newfangled: BMW i3 Super Bowl Commercial

BMW i3 Super Bowl Commercial-1

So with a few days to go until the NFL Super Bowl XLIX, car makers are starting to release their often funny, and expensive, ads for the event. BMW is one of the first to show us what they’ve come up with. It’s made for the i3 electric car and it’s a good’un.

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Honda Super Bowl Ad with Bruce Willis: Hugfest


Honda’s 2014 Super Bowl commercial probably deserved more attention than it got. For starters, it stars one of the biggest action heroes of all time, Bruce Willis. And the coolest thing about it is that it shows you the softer side of the Die Hard man in an ad focused on safety. It is called, […]

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Super Bowl MVP Gets a Chevrolet Silverado High Country

Super Bowl MVP

Each year Chevrolet, the sponsor of the Super Bowl Postgame Show on FOX, awards the Most Valuable Player of the game with a free car. Last year they gave the winner Corvette Stingray. This year though, Malcolm Smith, Super Bowl XLVIII Most Valuable Player, got a pickup truck.

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Transformers 4: Super Bowl Trailer

Transformers 4-trailer-0

On the important occasion of the Super Bowl 2014, Paramount Pictures, the people behind the multi-billion dollar Transformers franchise, released a special teaser trailer for the upcoming movie, Age of Extinction. It sure does look very intriguing, if you are a fan of the comicbooks, or a fan of Mark Wahlberg, or if you like […]

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