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Suzuki Alto Drops Under £6,000 (UK)

suzuki alto 1 175x175 at Suzuki Alto Drops Under £6,000 (UK)

Just in time for winter, Suzuki announces new VAT-free deals on the little Alto in the British market. Thanks to this campaig, all four Alto SZ models are again available at £5,999 representing a £1,200 saving on list price. This is low cost motoring at its best.

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Suzuki Alto SZ Priced at £5,995


The new Suzuki Alto SZ trim level becomes UK’s most inexpensive new car with a base price of just £5,995. Obviously, with a price tag like that you cannot expect to get a lot. The Alto is small, ugly, and doesn’t have any cheerful features we can mention. But if all you want is a […]

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Suzuki Alto Play Special Edition


Suzuki UK announced launch of a new special edition of the Alto, called ‘Play’. It is limited to 500 units for the whole country.

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Suzuki VAT-Free Offers For 2011


With the recent 20 percent VAT hike in UK, car makers are offering new deals for their affordable models so customer can get their cars with more or less the same price as before. Suzuki is now expanding its VAT-free offers for Alto SZ3 and SZ4 models as well, valid until March 31.

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Limited Edition Suzuki Alto SZ-L For UK


Suzuki’s cute little Alto has received an upgrade for the British market in form of the new SZ-L trim level. It’s based on the SZ3, and not only has more equipments, it also comes with various exterior and interior upgrades. This is one of the best value for money cars out there, because it only […]

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