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Suzuki Unveils its iV-4 Concept Crossover

suzuki iv4 2 175x175 at Suzuki Unveils its iV 4 Concept Crossover

There were a number of new concepts and production models unveiled at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, but one of the most hyped was the new Suzuki compact crossover vehicle. The iV-4 stood out immediately for its bright turquoise hue, and will reportedly offer a variety of customisable features when it is released in 2015. […]

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IAA 2013: Suzuki iV-4 Crossover

Suzuki iV 4 Crossover 1 175x175 at IAA 2013: Suzuki iV 4 Crossover

Little known fact: Suzuki was one of, if not the, first car companies to make a compact SUV, better known these days as crossover. Now they have put together all they’ve learned over the years from the LJ series, to the Jimny, to the Vitara, and built this, the Suzuki iV-4 crossover.

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IAA Preview: Suzuki iV-4 Crossover Concept

Suzuki iV 4 1 175x175 at IAA Preview: Suzuki iV 4 Crossover Concept

At this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show Suzuki will reveal its latest contender in the hugely popular crossover segment. Called the iV-4 and dubbed a small SUV concept, this car previews an upcoming production model to be added to Suzuki’s utility vehicles lineup.

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