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How to Boost the Power of Your Vehicle with a Tuning Chip


The performance of your vehicle depends on the torque, engine power, throttle control, tire pressure, spark timing and many other factors. A large majority of people depend on routine vehicle maintenance to maximise its performance however, there’s more to it.

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Why Used Honda Civics Are The Perfect Blank Canvas For Car Lovers


So there’s you – in search for a car that’s reliable, stylish and within your budget range. You’ve tried to look on the lot for something that fits your price, but anything even remotely close is thousands more than you’re willing to pay. The salesmen at the used car lots are way too pushy for […]

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Five Simple Ways To Customize Your Car

Audi 175x175 at Five Simple Ways To Customize Your Car

We spend a lot of time in our cars, and because they can say quite a bit about us, it’s a great idea to use your ride as a way to express your personality to others. Common trends used to include hanging fuzzy dice on rear view windows or mirrors and putting a variety of […]

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Toyota HiAce Tuning

HiAce1 175x175 at Toyota HiAce Tuning

The Toyota HiAce possesses great heritage, a vehicle spanning five decades and evolving through five generations. Not always an easy vehicle to categorise due to the many configurations it has seen since its creation in 1967, this sensible and compact MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) has grabbed the attention from custom builders and tuners, a rising […]

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Tuning at Essen Motor Show 2012

2012 Essen Motor Show 2012 Tuners Top 175x175 at Tuning at Essen Motor Show 2012

As always, Essen is the place to go if you like tuned cars, and this year was no different. All the major tuning companies had their stands filled in with brutal machines, and even smaller companies showed up with some pretty nice projects. We have some data and exclusive pictures taken during our latest visit […]

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Tuning Concepts BMW 3-Series Coupe


Adding a little spice to BMW’s popular E92 3-Series Coupe, German firm Tuning Concepts has come up with a styling package. First off, they painted the car in a fiery two-tone red and black paint job, and installed wider fenders and cool door mirrors of the E92 M3 on it. This color combo does work […]

Tuner Grand Prix 2012 Highlights


Tuner Grand Prix is one of the sickest car events in Europe where you get to see lots of awesome supercars. And the best thing is almost none of them are in standard shape. You also get to see lots of chicks, but that is not the subject of this post! nope, here we have […]

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Range Rover Sport Styling by Prestige

prestige range rover sport 01 175x175 at Range Rover Sport Styling by Prestige

The guys from Prestige just announced its latest modification, a new styling kit for the 2010 Range Rover Sport. Several features have been added and the final result looks quite attractive. Check a few pictures and the official press release after the jump.

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Kristin Zippel is Bodensee’s Miss Tuning 2010


Kristin Zippel won the Bodensee’s Miss Tuning 2010 Contest and will be featured in the new Tuning World Bodensee calendar. The 26 y/o beautiful girl won the award in last weekend’s event in Friedrichshafen – Germany; more than the title, she also won a Nissan Micra, and the calendar photo shoot that will take place […]

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CDC A5 Platin 1 175x175 at Audi A5 PLATIN by CDC

CDC has just launched his modified version of the Audi A5. For a mere 16990 Euros (around $21000 USD today) you can fully convert your Audi A5 into a great looking sexy vehicle. We really like the work that’s been done, except for maybe the rims. Check out all the pictures and full details after […]

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Insane: Renault Twingo V8 by Lazareth


Now this is the kind of hatchback we like to drive around the city! This is a first generation Renault Twingo which has been heavily modified by French tuner Lazareth. As you notice many things have been changed in this car, but the chief of changes is found in the engine bay, where you found […]

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Fiat 500 Abarth by Karl Schnorr


What Karl Schnorr has done is taking a Fiat 500  Abarth which is already tuned to the max and then making a pocket rocket from it! Thanks to some engine software upgrade and turbochargers you can have it with either 163 or 200 horsepower, it also features a meaner much sportier look with red detailing […]

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2009 Abu Dhabi Barbican Turbo show is coming!

DSC 8022 175x175 at 2009 Abu Dhabi Barbican Turbo show is coming!

Modified car and motorsports enthusiasts from across the UAE and the Gulf are to be captivated by Barbican Turbo, the region’s premier tuning, custom car and motorsports festival organized by United Business Media.

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Hennessey Z700 based on Corvette ZR1

hpe z700 1 175x175 at Hennessey Z700 based on Corvette ZR1

Hennessey Performance Engineering is working on a hardened, more powerful, race-prepd Corvette ZR1 for those loyal Vette buyers who want something to take on Porsche 911 GT3 and Dodge Viper ACR! So HPE Z700 with 705 hp is probably the right answer to their problem.

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Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M by Novitec Rosso

novitec ferrari scuderia 16m 1 175x175 at Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M by Novitec Rosso

Ferrari always determines demand for a specific model before releasing it, say 400 they estimated for the Enzo, and then they made one less, 399 units. So demand stays high all the time. For Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M that number is 499, so it’s very exclusive. Still you can make it more unique by getting […]

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