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2009 Ford Focus RS

2009 ford focus rs 6 175x175 at 2009 Ford Focus RS

One of the sweetest names in the sweet world of Hot Hatchbacks, is Ford Focus ST, but if that is not enough for you wait some months until Ford release the Focus RS version, an evolution over ST with much more stamina!

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2009 Aston Martin Rapide – Official Image

1rapidefront34 175x175 at 2009 Aston Martin Rapide   Official Image

Aston Martin couldn’t just sitback and watch while Porsche released images of Panamera, so they mailed CARmagazine some renders of their weapon against Panamera, the Rapide. Or maybe guys at Aston wanted to make a fool of Porsche designers by showing them how a hyper saloon should look like!

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