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Two McLaren P1s Spotted Hanging Out in Geneva


As you all know, McLaren P1 has a limited production run of just 375 units, and it costs well over a million Euros. Those qualities make it an extremely rare sight. Not in Geneva though. Youtubist Marchettino recently spotted not one, but two McLaren P1s hanging out in the Swiss city in front of a […]

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Fire Alert: World Motorsports Mercedes SLS Rado on Dyno

rado sls fire 175x175 at Fire Alert: World Motorsports Mercedes SLS Rado on Dyno

The Mercedes SLS Rado twin-turbo by World Motorsports is one of the sickest, most powerful and most insane versions of the German super car ever built. It makes 850 horsepower, and, as it turned out, massive flames.

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102-Year-Old Man Named Honorary Ford Trucks President!

Floyd Pullin with Truck 175x175 at 102 Year Old Man Named Honorary Ford Trucks President!

When someone is a loyal customer of your products for over 80 years, you ought to recognize and celebrate him. That’s exactly Ford did for Floyd Pullin of Confluence, PA, a 102-year-old man who has been a Ford customer since 1920s — since when Henry Ford was still running the company!

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Mercedes AMG V6 Turbo F1 Engine Virtually Laps Monza

mercedes 2014 v6 f1 engine 175x175 at Mercedes AMG V6 Turbo F1 Engine Virtually Laps Monza

Ever since it was confirmed that from 2014 Formula One will be using small turbocharged V6 engines in place of the current V8s, fans and even some officials have been expressing their concern regarding the way these engines sound. Now Mercedes AMG Petronas, the first team to complete the development work on their V6, answers […]

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Hennessey SRT Viper Venom 700R Now Available

Hennessey Venom Viper 1 175x175 at Hennessey SRT Viper Venom 700R Now Available

Following a couple of previews and teasers, Hennessey is now ready to present the new generation of their Venom Vipers based on the 2013 SRT Viper. The Venom 700R package complete with a VenomAero body kit takes the old snake to a whole new level of performance. 

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Super GT Comparo: Aston Vanquish vs Bentley GT Speed

super gt comparo 175x175 at Super GT Comparo: Aston Vanquish vs Bentley GT Speed

The Brits have always been good at making unnecessarily big, ridiculously powerful, needlessly luxurious, unreasonably expensive, and undeniably desirable Grand Tourers. They have always been better than their German and occasional American rivals. But what happens when you pitch two of the finest British GTs against each other for a little civil war?

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Acura NSX Prototype In Sideways Action – Sounds Angry!

Acura NSX Track Video 175x175 at Acura NSX Prototype In Sideways Action   Sounds Angry!

Honda, as we reported earlier, is going to show off – for the first time ever – a fully functional prototype of the new NSX ahead of the Mid-Ohio Indy race next weekend. Now as a sort of teaser they released a short video of the car going for a spin around a wet track. […]

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Jaguar F-Type: Symbol Of Modern Britain?

F TYPE Alice Temperley 175x175 at Jaguar F Type: Symbol Of Modern Britain?

Jaguar’s #YourTurn publicity campaign that promotes the F-Type reaches the UK with a twist. In the #YourTurnBritain campaign Jaguar wants to celebrate all that is great about the modern Britain, asking the fans to post pictures that reflect the subject on social media sites.

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Ayrton Senna’s 1989 Suzuka Qulaifying Lap Recreated

senna 1989 suzuka 175x175 at Ayrton Sennas 1989 Suzuka Qulaifying Lap Recreated

Honda went to enormous length to come up with a fitting tribute to the greatest Formula One driver of all time, Ayrton Senna. Using driving data left by Senna during his fastest qualifying lap the 1989 F1 Japanese Grand Prix qualifying, Honda recreated the engine sound that filled the circuit that day.

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Celebrity Car Collections: Tim Allen’s Private Garage

tim allen collection 1 175x175 at Celebrity Car Collections: Tim Allens Private Garage

For some strange reason, comedians have a strong love all things motoring. Maybe that’s because they used to spend a lot of time in cars going from one gig to another in the early days of their career. They all seem to have a very good taste in cars as well. You almost certainly know […]

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Fiat’s “Body Paint” Ad Looks Plain Weird

FiatHumanAbarth 175x175 at Fiats Body Paint Ad Looks Plain Weird

Fiat has come up with a lot of great commercials for the 500 since its revival, but they also tend to push the envelope every once in a while. This Fiat 500e ad is a good example. Now they are teasing a new print ad campaign called “Body Paint,” which again seems a bit too […]

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Watch A Pagani Zonda Cinque Spit Fire For Fun!

zonda flame 1 175x175 at Watch A Pagani Zonda Cinque Spit Fire For Fun!

The Cinque is a very special road-going variation of the Zonda R, of which 5 Roadsters and 5 Coupes have been made. So naturally, it should be called Zonda Dieci. But That’s not important. After the RS, the Cinque is probably the most desirable Zonda. The special color combination and, oh yes, that AMG V12 […]

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Top Gear Crew Spotted Filming “Best of British” Episode [Spoiler Alert]

TOP GEAR Best of British 1 175x175 at Top Gear Crew Spotted Filming Best of British Episode [Spoiler Alert]

As I’m sure you know, Top Gear will be back next Sunday for its 20th season, and although this time around they didn’t make that big a fuss about it – there used to be lots of teasers and promotions – Series 20 seems to be one of the best ever. The boys have been […]

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Sports Roadster Three-Way: F-Type vs V8 Vantage vs 911 Cab

roadster comparo 1 175x175 at Sports Roadster Three Way: F Type vs V8 Vantage vs 911 Cab

In another one of his famous three-way tests, Chris Harris compares a new and over-hyped model to its main rivals in the market. The car in question this time is the Jaguar F-Type, and the rivals include the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and the Porsche 911 Carrera S. This is the best guide for those […]

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BMW M Power App Is Your Personal Telemetry Tool

BMW M Power App 175x175 at BMW M Power App Is Your Personal Telemetry Tool

BMW drivers are trying really hard to shake off the image that is associated with them. They are no longer wearing Bluetooth handsfree devices; they have limited the use of PowerPoint to a minimum; and they  don’t engage others in a technical debate at dinner parties. But BMW is not helping. They have just come […]

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