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Tuners Team Up for Rolls-Royce Carbon Fiber Package

Rolls-Royce Carbon Fiber Package-0

Although Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke department is capable of fulfilling  pretty much all your dreams when it comes to personalization, if your dream is having a heavy dose of carbon fiber on your car they are useless. Carbon is just not their thing, which is why a couple of high-profile tuners have joined to forces to give […]

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Vitesse AuDessus Aventador SV Carbon Package

Vitesse AuDessus Aventador SV-0

Most exotic car makers these days have bespoke departments capable of fulfilling your wildest dreams. But some dreams may prove too wild for them, which is why firms like Vitesse AuDessus exist. These guys can turn any part of your supercar you want into carbon fiber, and their latest program covers Lamborghini Aventador SV (SuperVeloce) […]

Vitesse AuDessus Ferrari F12tdf Gets a Carbon Body

Vitesse AuDessus Ferrari F12tdf-1

If you are one of the lucky 799 people who got to order a Ferrari F12tdf, chances are you are not going to have it re-bodied just yet. But for those crazy ones out there who might get bored with their Fezza after about two days, French firm Vitesse AuDessus has come up with a […]

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Vitesse AuDessus Can Turn Anything into Carbon Fiber

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In the olden days the alchemists wanted to find a way to turn everything they touch into gold. These days it’s carbon fiber everyone’s after, and a French firm called Vitesse AuDessus (Superior Speed) claims they have pulled it off.

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