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World’s Fastest Beetle Clocks 205 mph at Bonneville

Beetle LSR Salt Flats-0

In one of the coolest and yet most pointless publicity stunts Volkswagen has ever conducted, the American branch of the company tuned a VW Beetle and sent it to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah for a speed record. The number this Beetle LSR managed to score was 205.122 mph over a flying mile.

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Official: 2017 VW Beetle Facelift

2017 VW Beetle-UK-1

Volkswagen has launched a new version of the iconic Beetle in the UK featuring new styling details and upgraded specs. Don’t expect a whole new car though, as 2017 VW Beetle comes only with a revised bumper and some new fog lamps.

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Official: 2017 VW PinkBeetle

VW PinkBeetle-1

In one of the most ridiculous things they’ve ever done – and they’ve done a fair few – Volkswagen has launched a new version of the Beetle, the first car to be named as its own hashtag. They call it the PinkBeetle and insist we use the hashtag (i.e. #PinkBeetle) which we refuse to do. […]

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VW Beetle Convertible Restomod by Cartech

Cartech VW Beetle-Restomod-0

We absolutely love the idea of restomoding simply because it gives you all that is good about the cars of yesteryear (i.e. the looks) with none of the mechanical troubles. So although Cartech’s VW Beetle Convertible restomod is based on a rather hateful car, we still fancy it quite a bit.

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VW Beetle Denim Priced at $25,995

VW Beetle Denim-0

Volkswagen announced the pricing of the 2016 Beetle Denim Limited Edition, based on the Convertible 1.8T model. A tribute to the 1970s Jeans Bug and featuring exclusive interior and exterior appointments, the Denim is priced at $25,995 to which you have to add an $820 destination charge.

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KBR Motorsport VW Beetle “El Vocho”

KBR Motorsport VW Beetle-0

Beetle is a hard car to visually modify because it boasts a modern interpretation of an iconic design, and it is always perilous to mess with those things. But in the case of KBR Motorsport VW Beetle changes have been fairly successful, probably because they left the body intact and only altered things like the […]

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2015 VW Beetle Classic Launched in the U.S.

2015 Beetle Classic 1

Volkswagen announced the launch of the new limited-edition Beetle Classic model in America where it goes on sale this week starting from $20,195 for the 1.8T Coupe. As the name suggests, this model comes with retro-inspired features reminiscent of the original Beetle.

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Tanner Foust Gives VW Beetle GRC a Proper Shakedown


As you may know from our previous reports, Tanner Foust’s latest Rallycross toy is a 540 horsepower VW Beetle GRC with monstrous looks and enormous speed. To give us a taste of this bad boy’s performance, Tanner took it to an empty car park and went berserk.

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VW Beetle GRC Rallycross Ready for Action

VW Beetle GRC Rallycross-1

The rallycross fever is sweeping the world these days and car makers are trying to get a bigger piece of the action. This is Volkswagen’s new rallycross contender called the Beetle GRC, designed for the Red Bull Global Rallycross championship.

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VW Beetle Rallycross Car for Tanner Foust

VW Beetle Rallycross-1

2014 Rallycross championship will see the three-time title winner and the host of Top Gear USA Tanner Foust in a brand-new car and a brand-new team. The team is Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross (VARX), and the car in question is a Beetle Rallycross!

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Beetle Dune Concept Makes Detroit Debut: NAIAS 2014

Beetle Dune Concept-0

Volkswagen rocks Motor City, quite gently we may add, with the unveiling of the new Beetle Dune Concept. Built as a ‘Baja Bug for the 21st Century‘ and finished in Arizona yellow, the Dune Concept is a production-ready study to gauge people’s reaction to a jacked-up, semi-crossover Beetle.

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New VW Beetle Dune Concept Set for NAIAS Debut

Beetle Dune Concept-1

Many years ago Volkswagen came up with a crossover, sort of off-roady version of their recently revived Beetle. They showed the concept at a few motor shows, and then everybody forgot about it. Until now. At this year’s Detroit Auto Show Volkswagen will reveal a brand-new Beetle Dune Concept based on the latest version of […]

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Is the New Beetle R a Poor Man’s Porsche?

VW BEETLE R 175x175 at Is the New Beetle R a Poor Mans Porsche?

The sporty VW Beetle R concept which debuted in 2011 at the LA Auto Show has been given the green light for release in 2014. With so much info from VW, drivers can now obtain solid insight into what they can expect from this model. Amazingly, some think it might even be a competitor with […]

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Retro-Design VW Beetle by MR Car Design

Retro Design VW Beetle 1 175x175 at Retro Design VW Beetle by MR Car Design

MR Car Design, with some help form REIL Performance, has come up with a rather unique tuning treatment for the Volkswagen Beetle. It is a retro design look, reinforcing the Beetle’s classic-inspired character, and it looks quite good.

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ABT VW Beetle Updated With New Features

ABT Beetle 03 1 175x175 at ABT VW Beetle Updated With New Features

ABT Sportline announced a new version of their tuning kit for the latest Volkswagen Beetle. The big Bug gets a number of styling updates, while all the engines benefit from a thorough performance boost. The chassis and suspension are also tweaked a bit.

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