/Ferrari 599 Hybrid Confirmed

Ferrari 599 Hybrid Confirmed

ferrari 599 at Ferrari 599 Hybrid Confirmed

As it turns out those leaked patents which surfaced last year suggesting that Ferrari is working on a hybrid powertrain were totally legitimate. During unveiling of their 2010 F10 Formula 1 car at Maranello, CEO Luca di Montezemolo officially announced that the company will reveal a concept hybrid variant of 599 GTB super GT at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Of course this being Ferrari, they are not going to compromise on power and performance for the sake of being green. Their hybrid system will be containing of a small electric motor attached to the same monstrous V12! And it would only help to increase the MPG number specially for city driving.

As you know the 599’s fuel consumption, no matter how careful you are  while driving it, never gets into double figures! Now with the hybrid system, possibly KERS (a system which recovers the otherwise wasted kinetic energy of braking and turns it into electricity to charge the Li-Io batteries) and Start/Stop system, they might be able to take it up to 13-14 mpg.

But the real beauty of this powertrain is that when you are driving vigorously, the electric motor will join the V12 to give you even better acceleration than the normal 599!

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