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Ferrari F40 Up For Auction

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Ferrari F4 is indeed one of the most charismatic models ever produced by the Italian company, and it’s one of the top five cars in every fine collection. Part of that is due to the car’s stunning design and raw power coming from a turbocharged V8, and part of it due to its rarity and exclusivity. Now, There’s one going under the hammer in Britain, at the Historics at Brooklands auction, this Saturday, 25th September. So be quick, sell the house, wife, kids, dogs, …  and head to Surrey to get it!

Historics values the car between £280,000 – £320,000, but because of the great interest in this car, the selling price can go way higher than that. This particular model is a fine example built in 1989.

With a recorded mileage of just 10,500 miles, F311 ULB offers superb value for money and besides its electrifying driving experience, makes an ideal investment opportunity, with so few original and unmolested examples such as this, finding their way to the open market.

More on Ferrari F40:

The F40 was the last model commissioned by Enzo Ferrari, celebrating 40 years of manufacture at Maranello.  During its production, from 1987-1992, the Ferrari F40 was the most powerful, most expensive and fastest car the company had ever produced, with 471bhp on its turbo-charged tap.

Owners of the 1,315 F40s produced enjoy a stunningly-designed and superbly crafted, red-blooded projectile – regarded by some as the greatest supercar of all time – which reached a genuine 200mph, thanks largely to its supreme aerodynamics and light weight.

The F40 weighs in at a meagre 2,400 lbs, through the copious use of carbon fibre, kevlar and aluminium.  And, testiment to Ferrari’s supreme styling and finesse 23 years ago, the F40 slips through the air with a drag co-efficient of just 0.34.

In contrast, the current holder of the world’s fastest car title, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, thumps the scales at a beefy 4,160lbs, over 70% heavier than the F40, and required more than twice the power in order to claim the current record speed for a production car, at 268mph.

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