/Wimmer RS Golf R Red Devil

Wimmer RS Golf R Red Devil

Wimmer Volkswagen Golf R 1 at Wimmer RS Golf R Red Devil

You are probably thinking Red Devil is a lame name specially for a Golf, but when you realize what a beast this is you will conquer! Alright let’s cut to the chase, this Golf has 478 hp and 610 Nm of torque. Wimmer must have played magic with it because the standard car’s 2.0 TFSI cuffs up only 270 hp!The top speed of the Red Devil is electronically limited to 291 km/h. WOW!

The modifications they’ve done on the engine is so deep it was easier if they had made an engine from scratch! Here’s a list of what they’ve done: engine electronics tuning, tuning of turbocharger incl. pipe, changes of injection nozzles, the TFSI tuning, tuning of the connecting rods, changes of lamp coating, cylinder head, large aftercooler, additional fuel oil heater, changes in the air intake system, air intake pipe, tuning of th crank shaf, or another oil pump, of the second low pressure fuel pump und sport camshafts, so as an completely handmade high-grade steel sports exhaust system with 84 mm in diameter, a 100 – cells sports catalyst converter and a race sport coupling.

But that much power in such a little car is like putting a bike engine on a mosquito! It’s all gonna go wrong, but to make sure it won’t Wimmer has fitted it with a coil spring set and helical spring set, which can from the one side lower the car and adds a sports note to the car. High performance brakes are the other necessary upgrade.

But it looks pretty much standard, and that might be a bit disappointing unless you are at so much peace with yourself that you don’t need people to know you are much more powerful than them!

wimmer golf r 1 at Wimmer RS Golf R Red Devil
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