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Fisker Karma Price Hike

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On the first page of Fisker Karma’s story the future seemed so bright. It’s a very cool four-door electric hybrid sedan with great performance and a rather new but prestigious badge. And although it was hard, but you could justify the $80,000 price tag of the car. But now as they are getting serious into making the car, the reality bites and they have to raise the price, to an unreasonable level.

At first Fisker hiked the price to $87,900 thinking that the promised federal incentives would cover the difference. And now they are adding another 8 grand to the MSRP of the base model! That means the minimum you have to pay for a Karma is $95,900. The car is set for launch in Spring 2011, so you can’t be sure that’s the final, confirmed price!

So here’s the current pricing:

  • Eco Standard: $95,900
  • Eco Sport: $103,900
  • Eco Chic: $108,900

And that’s just the beginning. By the time you are done speccing it up with the options it’ll cost way more than that.

  • Tri-Tone Leather Interior: $2,200
  • Diamond Dust Paint: $3,000
  • “Special Paint”: $3,000

Pricewise, Fisker Karma qualifies as a luxury sedan, not an eco-minded electric car!

“The Karma will be the first car to offer luxury vehicle buyers a truly responsible alternative. At $88,400 after federal tax incentives, the Karma is within $500 of its originally announced MSRP of $87,900. Local incentives offer additional savings. Even with an MSRP of $95,900 the Karma is within 10% of the originally announced MSRP of $87,900 announced in 2009–an incremental change over the course of two years. Also, there is additional value added in design and equipment improvements such as the now-standard integrated solar roof panel, which would have been a $5000 option.” Explains Russell Datz, Fisker’s communications chief.

Source: Greencarreports via Motorauthority

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