/Honda CR-Z Turbo Is Underway

Honda CR-Z Turbo Is Underway

Honda CR Z Turbo at Honda CR Z Turbo Is Underway

Maybe it’s the plummeting sales, maybe it’s the introduction of Hyundai Veloster, but whatever it is Honda has reportedly fast-tracked development of the CR-Z Turbo. It took them too long though to realize that the pathetic 120-hp hybrid powertrain they’ve put in the CR-Z is nothing but a big disappointment!

The Turbo CR-Z will be powered by a 1.6 liter Turbocharged engine which, again reportedly, will be available in two versions with either 160 or 200 bhp. It will also benefit from Honda’s VTEC-i variable camshafts timing system for a good compromise between power and efficiency.

The idea of a powerful CR-Z sounds very good, and it could very well turn it from a good-car-ruined-by-bad-engine into a full-on sporty coupe it always wanted to be. We’re so looking forward to it. Of course it’s going to take Honda at least one year to finish it. Chop Chop Please!

via: Autocar

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