/New Bugatti Veyron In The Works?

New Bugatti Veyron In The Works?

Bugatti Veyron ss at New Bugatti Veyron In The Works?

Most of the rumors in the automotive world turn out to be true, so the answer to the question above is yes, Bugatti is working on a successor for the mighty Veyron. Based on unofficial reports, the new Bugga will be an evolution of the current Supersport model, lighter and more powerful.

Apparently the target for the new Bugatti Veyron is 270 mph top speed. The new goal is going to be accomplished mostly through lightening the car using Lamborghini know-how for lightweight materials, dominantly carbon fiber, and reducing the car’s luxury garnish. The design of the new Veyron will also be evolutionary, with better aerodynamics than before.

If it turns out to be true, you can expect the new, lighter, faster Bugatti Veyron to be launched in 2013. In that case you have to say VW and Bugatti are liers! When the first Veyron came out they used to say that making each unit of this car cost 5 times the MSRP, but they kept making it. Then they made the Grand Sport version, then the Super Sport, and now this. If they were losing money on the Veyron they must have gone bust by now!

Source: AutoExpress – Here’s some renderings of the car AE has come up with:

new veyron 1 at New Bugatti Veyron In The Works?
new veyron 2 at New Bugatti Veyron In The Works?

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