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New Details On 2012 BMW M5

2012 BMW M5 at New Details On 2012 BMW M5

The clock is ticking for the new 2012 BMW M5 F10 to be revealed. So far we’ve only heard good things about this new super saloon, and here’s some more good news.

The first bit will only make the Germans happy, as the rumors suggest BMW is going to raise the top speed limit of the new M5 in that country. As you know all German car makers limit the tops speed of their cars to 250 km/h. For the new M5 though they are going to increase that a bit, quite a bit actually, to 305 km/h. That means BMW will upset the status quo and that will force Mercedes and Audi to do so as well. Good!

The other part of news will make the Americans happy. Apparently BMW will treat their American M5 customers with a proper manual gearbox. You still get the option for a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, but why would you get that when you can have it with the manual. It’s been a while since last a performance sedan was offered with a manual gearbox and we really can’t work out why they don’t do it anymore. Yes, the DSG box is faster but it’s no where near as fun as having a well-calibrated manual. Good job BMW.

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