/Rendering: 2014 Audi R8

Rendering: 2014 Audi R8

2014 Audi R8 at Rendering: 2014 Audi R8

Audi is hard at work developing the second generation R8. And this time they’re not beating around the bush. The new R8 is a full-on supercar.

They are probably convinced the current R8 has slayed the Porsche 911 fair and square, so with the new one they’re hunting down the Ferrari 458.

This artist’s impression here, designed based on solid intell from Ingolstadt, shows a much sleeker body with more exquisite details than the current model. It is still recognizable as an R8, but the whole car is more pointy and hunkered down. It is as if the R8 has been on a fitness program and has emerged much leaner and sexier.

It won’t be all show and no go either. The car will be lighter, and the engine lineup of V8 and V10 will be getting a boost. It might even get the new turbocharged V8 designed for the Bentley Continental V8.

Check out the source for more details: carmagazine.co.uk

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