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Peugeot 208 UK Specs

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The all-new Peugeot 208 will hit the UK showrooms in June 2012 in both 3 and 5-door formats, and with a wide range of petrol and diesel engines.

The 208 is not only much, much better-looking than the outgoing 207, it is also remarkably more efficient and cleaner. In fact thanks to the new range of three-cylinder engines, and e-HDi micro-hybrid Stop & Start System on virtually all versions, it achieves CO2 emissions of 34g/km lower than the 207.

Speaking of 3-cylinder engines, the 208 can be had with the 1.0- and 1.2-litre VTi, which are particularly efficient, with a range starting at 99g/km of CO2 (delivering 65.7mpg). The one liter is the one also put in the 107 city car.

The diesel range also includes some very good engines, including a 1.4 liter that;s capable of an incredible 83.1  mpg. Our favorite of the bunch is the 1.6 liter turbo petrol because it makes a very decent 156bhp while returning a respectable 48 mpg.

208 diesel range:

  • 1.4l HDi FAP 50kW (68bhp), 160Nm, 5-speed manual gearbox; CO2: 98g/km, 74.3mpg
  • 1.4l e-HDi FAP 50kW (68bhp), 160Nm,5-speed EGC, Stop & Start; CO2: 87g/km, 83.1mpg
  • 1.6l e-HDi FAP 68kW (92bhp), 230Nm, 5-speed manual , Stop & Start; CO2: 98g/km,74.3mpg
  • 1.6l e-HDi FAP 68kW (92bhp), 230Nm, 6-speed EGC , Stop & Start; CO2: 98g/km (1),74.3mpg
  • 1.6l e-HDi FAP 84kW (115bhp), 285 (2)Nm, 6-speed manual gearbox, Stop &Start; CO2: 99g/km,74.3mpg

208 petrol range:

  • 1.0l VTi  50kW (68bhp); 95Nm, 5-speed manual gearbox; 99g/km (1) ,65.7mpg
  • 1.2l VTi  60kW (82bhp); 118Nm, 5-speed manual gearbox; 104g/km (1) ,62.8mpg
  • 1.4l VTi  70kW (95bhp); 136Nm, 5-speed manual gearbox: 129g/km  ,50.4mpg
  • 1.6l VTi  88kW (120bhp); 160Nm, 5-speed manual gearbox: 134g/km,48.7mpg
  • 1.6l THP 115kW (156bhp), 240/260 (2)Nm, 6-speed manual gearbox; CO2: 135 g/km(1) ,48.7mpg

(1) New 1.0 l and 1.2 l 3-cylinder engines, 1.4 l e-HDi and 1.6 l THP versions available summer 2012

(2) Value with overboost

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As for the features, the fluffy hatchback comes with all the amenities you expect from a car of this class, plus a 7″ colour touch screen with carefully designed graphics (resolution 800 x 480) and intuitive operation. It allows easy access to the various functions: radio, Bluetooth hands-free kit or music files via a USB connection or audio streaming.

The car will also offer a new driving experience with small steering wheel which Peugeot is adamant is much more ergonimc and makes the car feel more agile.

Peugeot 208 UK 3 at Peugeot 208 UK Specs

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