/Tesla D Scooped Ahead of Official Debut

Tesla D Scooped Ahead of Official Debut

Tesla D 600x414 at Tesla D Scooped Ahead of Official Debut

If you are one of the people puzzled by Elon Musk’s cryptic reference to the letter ‘D’ in one of his most recent tweets, you can stop speculating now as this mysterious Tesla D has now been scooped in the wild. As it turns out The D is just a four-wheel-drive variant of the existing Model S.

So that’s a bit anticlimactic for those expecting to see an all-new model on October 9, but it makes perfect sense for Tesla to launch an all-wheel-drive Model S. They has the Model X in the works which is a versatile AWD crossover that uses an ingenious dual motor configuration to power all four wheels. Why not use it in the Model S and enhance its capabilities?

Just about the only downside of adding this system to the Model S would be a decrease in the size of its frunk (front trunk) due to all the all-wheel-drive goblins located under it. We don’t know yet if Tesla D is going to get other changes in addition to the aforementioned system.

If you are still hoping for something more exciting from Tesla you should pin your hopes on that “something else” Musk promised to show us next week.

Via Tesla Motor Club

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