/Mcchip BMW M3 Packs 528 PS

Mcchip BMW M3 Packs 528 PS

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Chip tuning expert Mcchip-DKR has already introduced a 535 horsepower power kit for the 3.0 liter bi-turbo straight-six engine in the new BMW M4. For use in the BMW M3, however, they have dialed that down to around 528 horsepower, what with it being a family car and all!

Regardless of the insignificant difference in output, we are completely blown away by the Mcchip BMW M3 and M4 power module, and the great potential of that engine. I mean, you can extract over 110 more horsepower out of it only through some electronic modifications that take no more than 3 hours to be completed, ready to roll. That is amazing.

We should also mention the increase in torque. The standard M3 comes packing 550 Nm of the stuff, which is a very decent amount and in fact more than what the previous M3’s big ole V8 offered. Mcchip BMW M3 takes that up to 677 Nm, which is a lot.

One would definitely feel the profound effect of that much extra power and torque in day to day situations like overtaking or, you know, drag racing between the lights. The good thing about upgrading the power via electronics is that it doesn’t have that big an effect on the car’s fuel consumption. It might slightly shorten the life of the unit though, seeing as it changes pre-determined and meticulously tested parameters of the engine.

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