/WheelsAndMore McLaren 720S “Ultimate”

WheelsAndMore McLaren 720S “Ultimate”

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Nobody could blame you if you claimed McLaren’s super sport 720S is unupgradable. The thing is pretty much perfect in every way. That said, there are things you can do to it to make the whole experience more awesome, as shown here with the WheelsAndMore McLaren 720S. They call is the Ultimate Project. 

In this program WheelsAndMore McLaren 720S receives upgrades for its engine, suspension and looks. The first part, performance, is done through mapping and a sport exhaust system. It comes in two stages, with the first one comprising only an ECU map mod. That gives you an extra 50 horsepower atop the car’s own 720. While that’s nice, what you really want is the Stage 2 which adds to the mapping sports catalytic converters and an intelligent flap control in the stainless-steel mufflers. The result is 800 hp and 880 nm of torque, hence the title “Ultimate.”

WheelsAndMore McLaren 720S 7 730x346 at WheelsAndMore McLaren 720S Ultimate

Aesthetic and handling upgrades go hand in hand in the WheelsAndMore McLaren 720S. While you don’t get a body kit as part of this package, the car looks nicer than the standard model thanks to suspension mods and a new set of wheels. The tuner supplies height-adjustable lowering springs, resulting in a nice reduction in ride height.Then they hook you up with a set of their 6Sporz², F.I.W.E. or FORK wheels to complete the look. The recommended wheel size for the 720S is 9.5×20 inches with 255/30/20 Pirelli front and 11.5×20 or 12.0×21 inches rear.

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