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Million Dollar Cars

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There are cars that cost as much as a small aeroplane. This has been true for several years now. And the range of cars varies. From vehicles that have a million dollars’ worth materials on them to ordinary cars with million dollar histories.

The majority of mankind only gets top dream of owning such vehicles. However one Las Angeles family got to ride in B.I.G’s death mobile for nearly two decades. Creepy right? Until you release that the value of the vehicle is US$1,5 million. Yes, their family car was worth upwards of a million. And they did not even know it. They only got to find out when the police came asking about the car regarding a court case. These are people with no ordinary luck. Because with that kind of luck you must be a regular winner at casinos, visit best online casino in united kingdom to learn more about responsible gambling.

B.I.G’s death car is not the only million dollar death car. Tupac’s death wagon is also valued at the same amount. If the trend continues more Rap superstars are likely to be murdered in their cars by their own crews. Who needs life insurance when you just need to die in your car?

The other cars on the million dollar roaster are super cars. The play things of mega rich. Film stars, music icons and sports stars are the common patrons of the car manufacturers. There are several of these cars in most of the world’s millionaires’ garages. However there are some cars that deserve special mention.

Top of that list is the CCXR Trevita from Koenigsegg. The car is worth nearly $5 million dollars. Originally there were supposed to be three of these cars. However the process of coating the vehicle in diamonds proved so difficult they ended up only making two of them. Yes, diamonds as the paint. According to online sports betting sportsbook Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather has one just to match his glamourous in-ring performances.

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