/An English license plate for £ 150,000: The phenomenon of personalised number plates in UK

An English license plate for £ 150,000: The phenomenon of personalised number plates in UK

2018 Vauxhall Grandland X 3 730x487 at An English license plate for £ 150,000: The phenomenon of personalised number plates in UK

You can find all kinds of items on eBay, but some prices are beyond belief. What to do with £ 150,000? Buy a nice car? Gold bars? Otherwise you can also buy two plastic plates … an Englishman indeed sold his old number plates with the inscription “NO8REE” for that exorbitant price. The sale concerned more exactly the right to register one’s vehicle with the series of numbers and letters. In the United Kingdom, an auto license plate can be a great investment instrument.

First of all, you should know that in the UK, license plates are not associated with a car for life like in other European countries. This allows you to resell the rights for certain registrations when you scrap your car. This is how the prices go up for certain successions of well-chosen numbers and letters. The personalized plate is a right offered to all UK motorists at an additional charge of £ 80. Of course, you can’t write what you want, you have to stay within the limits of decency. Using numbers close to a letter can complicate matters. Nothing shocking here and nothing indecent except for the price!

The seller was offering the license plate rights to his old car on the eBay auction site. He did not take the risk of putting it up for auction but directly asked for the tidy sum of £ 150,000. While the ad photo showed a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, it was not the vehicle but only the license plate that was for sale. The seller specified that the plate had not been available on the market since 2002 and that it presented a perfect opportunity to have his first name on his plate.

That’s valid, according to him, when one is called Noor, a first name of Arabic origin which comes from “Nur” or “God is my light”. Unless a very wealthy Qatari with that first name is interested in this plate to dress the new Bugatti Chiron he uses on the streets of London, not sure the seller was successful in selling his plates.  Of course, the seller was targeting rich Arabs who live in the UK capital.

This is an overview of investing in personalized number plates in the UK

The news above is an overview of how promising the personalized number plate market is in the UK. Everyone has the opportunity to have a unique number plate to be attached to their car. For some, a personalized number plate is a good investment because in some cases, it exceeds the price of the car it is attached to.

Today there are a variety of online services that make it easy for anyone to purchase personalized number plates. One of the most famous is carreg.co.uk. Are you interested in investing in your number plates? If it’s affordable enough, why not?

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