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Great British Car Journey at British Motor Museums

There are many motor museums in the UK, each one doing it’s bit in guarding the great history of the British Motoring manufacturing industry, the latest one being the Great British Car Journey.

This new classic car museum has more than 130 British cars on show, all from the time when British cars ruled the roads across the Globe.

Housed in a former warehouse, the cars on show include the Morris Minor, Mini, Ford Capri and Vauxhall Astra, as well as some examples of the luxury marques made in the UK.

Surrounding the cars are giant hanging banners and artwork, depicting replica advertising posters and charting the history of the car manufacturing industry.

To help understand the historical facts, visitors are provided with a handheld audio visual device that provides more information and tells some interesting stories about some of the cars on display.

You can get close to the vehicles too, close enough to smell those ‘old car’ odours, marvel at the interiors (some of which are very posh indeed) and perhaps have your memory jogged enough to remember those bygone days when your father took you out for a picnic or a trip to the seaside.

At this museum, you can even get to drive the exhibits..

Besides the cars in the static display, over 30 cars, including a Ford Capri, and an Austin 7, not to mention a Rolls Royce, are available for visitors to go for a spin on a private road as part of the Drive Dad’s Car Experience.

All of this is very important, as in the past century, Britain played a leading role in the design and development of the motor car, as well as other vehicles and commercial transports.

This is a vital and fascinating component of our twentieth century culture, so such museums must continue to exist, and that means the great British public need to visit these great establishments.

Many marques that have now passed into history can be found in the various museums dotted around the UK. Brands such as Jowett; Armstrong-Siddeley; Riley; Humber, Triumph, Singer and many more.

Besides the motor cars themselves, the many brilliant designers that were responsible are remembered too. These include Sir Alec Issigonis, of Morris Minor and Mini fame; Giovanni Michelotti, designer of the Triumph Herald and Spitfire and Sir William Lyons, of Jaguar; W.O. Bentley; Donald Healey to name but some.

Besides the Great British Car Journey, there are many other museums. Here are a few for you to consider visiting:-

The National Motor Museum

The museum in Beaulieu has over 250 vehicles, including a large collection of Austin cars. You can find this museum in the New Forest, Hampshire.

Caister Castle Motor Museum

Located on the east coast of the UK, near to Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, it contains rare veteran, vintage and classic cars and touring vehicles. You will also find some motorcycles here.

The Bubblecar Museum

The younger generation will probably never have heard of the Bubble car. It was the product of a time when times were hard and fuel was expensive and scarce. They were however very uncomfortable, especially in the back, but they were cheap to buy and run. You can find this museum in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Haynes International Motor Museum

Home to over 400 motors, this museum in Somerset has cars from the very advent of motoring in some 17 exhibition areas.

British Motor Museum

Based in Gaydon in Warwickshire you can take a different journey through the history of British cars, there being many interactive exhibits to enthral both adults and children alike.

London Transport Museum

Based in London’s Covent Garden, this museum has a fantastic collection of buses, trams and trains, tracing the history of the capitals transport system.

There are many others too, but none where you can drive an exhibit.

So, if you want to not only see some Great British cars, but also drive one or two, then the museum for you is the Great British Car Journey in Ambergate Derbyshire.

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