/Motorward’s 2011 Hottest Cars: Infographic

Motorward’s 2011 Hottest Cars: Infographic

2011 best cars MW top at Motorwards 2011 Hottest Cars: Infographic

For those of you who cannot be bothered to follow the latest trends in the world of cars, we came up with this handy Infographic, featuring what we think are the hottest cars of 2011.

These are exclusive models, most of them with limited production numbers, all designed and developed for the pure joy of driving. That’s why we think they are the hottest! They are not necessarily the best in their class, but they all have that little extra something, the X-factor, if you will, that makes them so desirable and so hot.

Sure, different people have different ideas, and might not agree with some of the cars in this list, or may want to add other cars to it. That’s what we’re hoping for, because petrolheads can have a great debate when it comes to choosing the ‘Best’ cars. So, feel free to let us know what you think should, or shouldn’t, be here.

2011 best cars MW small at Motorwards 2011 Hottest Cars: Infographic

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