james may mw at James May   Biography

James May – Biography

“Captain Slow” is the nickname appointed to English journalist and television presenter, James May of Top Gear on the British Broadcasting Channel. Read More

richardh mw at Richard Hammond   Biography

Richard Hammond – Biography

Known for nibbling on cardboard and for his diminutive stature, no one would have guessed a man nicknamed “Hamster” would become a famous automotive journalist and television presenter. Read More

stig mw at The Stig   Biography

The Stig – Biography

You have never seen the look of his face. You have never heard the sound of his voice. You have no idea of his true identity. Who could this mysterious character be? Read More

king1 at Introducing Mr Drift King

Introducing Mr Drift King

The name behind the legendary Drift King is Japanese racing and drift master Keiichi Tsuchiya. Although widely known for his amazing drifting skills, Keiichi Tsuchiya was previously a hardened racer. Read More

Valentino Rossi Rally at Valentino Rossi   When 2 Becomes 4

Valentino Rossi – When 2 Becomes 4

“The Doctor” is considered the greatest rider to have ever graced a motorcycle, mastering and winning world championships in all GP classes. His enigmatic charm and cheeky character have gained him millions of fans worldwide,…