/How to Change Windshield Wiper Blade

How to Change Windshield Wiper Blade

Wiper blade is an essential component of a car. It functions to wipe rain drops from your windshield so that you have a clearer view during a heavy downpour. Most vehicles have a pair of wiper arm in their front windscreen. Some European marque race car has only one right in the center of the windscreen.

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Wiper assembly is made out of a piece of rubber strip attached to metal arm. Local auto supply store sells the whole assembly which includes the rubber strip, metal arm and mounting clip and such. It comes in different sizes to accommodate different windscreens sizes. The material type may differ from silicone type to normal rubber. The silicone type is costlier but is more durable compared to normal rubber which wears out much faster.

The below tips illustrate steps on how to change wiper blade. But before that, visit your local auto parts store and inform the sales person there the make, model and year of manufacture of your vehicle to obtain the correct wiper sizing. A flathead screwdriver may be useful in removing the old wipers.

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Now that you have the new wipers ready, lift the old wiper assembly away from your windscreen. You do want to accidentally leave scratch marks on your windscreen. Locate the mounting which connects the arm to the wiper assembly. Use the flathead screwdriver to dismount it. Normally there is a tab which your might need to suppress to detach the entire assembly. Old wipers may be stubborn so your may need to use a little force to remove them. If unsure, refer to the car manual for the correct step. Do not discard old wipers incase the new ones have different mounting or has defects.

Now you need to position the new wipers into place. You just need to snap the mounting into place. Do this cautiously as you do not want to damage fragile mechanism. You do not require great force doing this, if you do, you may be doing it wrongly. Refer to the manual which comes with the wiper packaging.

Take this opportunity to clean your windscreen off grime and grease to ensure optimum performance of those new wipers. Once cleaned, bring down the wipers blades and test them. Turn on the wiper spray to simulate rain drop, automatically your wipers will swipe from side to side. Leave it on from a minute or two while observing for any sign of juddering, or loose parts.

Replacing those wipers is not difficult with this simple DIY tip. By following these simple steps, it saves a lot of hassle and is light on the pocket.

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