/How to Add Freon to a Car Air Conditioner

How to Add Freon to a Car Air Conditioner

The air conditioning system in vehicles is very dangerous. The refrigerant, which is the gas in the system, is likely to spray back at you if you are not cautious when recharging the air conditioner.

Recharge AC with Freon at How to Add Freon to a Car Air Conditioner

It is always better to leave the air-conditioner to experts if you are not well-versed in the mechanical operation that is required. Freon has no color, no odor, and is not flammable. Freon is generally much safer than normal refrigerants because it is a non toxic gas that does not leak. Freon is a trademark name that is owned by Dupont. The inventors were searching a non-lead base for air-conditioner to reduce lead-based poisoning. Its chemical compound can consist of hydrogen, chlorine or bromine.

It is not that difficult to add this refrigerant to your car air conditioner if you know the right way to do it. Here are easy step by step tips on how to add Freon to a car air conditioner.

  • The first thing to keep in mind is to turn the fans to high, and all the temperature settings are at the coldest.
  • Open the hood of your car and configure which are the high and low pressure lines for the air conditioning system. Remember, you should never ever cross the high pressure lines with the low ones.
  • Select the low pressure line and this line is the only one you are required to use. Recover the existing Freon by hitting the Recovery button at the gauge.

Add Freon to Car AC at How to Add Freon to a Car Air Conditioner

  • Evacuate the air from the system by vacuuming the valves. If it is accidently mixed with air, it might cause problems later down the road.
  • Tighten the air-conditioning gauge onto the low pressure line.  Observe the meter of the gauge. If the needle points to somewhere between 125 and 145, the fill of the conditioning is fine. If the gauge indicates that pressure is over 145, there is too much pressure to the air-conditioning system or there is a technical problem with the system. If it is over-filled, you will need to drain it.
  • Look for tube between the compressor at the engine, and the evaporator which nearer to the dashboard. Some cars may have this tube on the passenger side, others would find the tube attached to the drivers compartment.
  • The best method of locating these tubes is to check in the owner’s manual.

If you find the tips on how to add Freon to a car air-conditioner a tad complicated, it is advisable that you visit your nearest service station for help from the experts.

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