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How to Build a Trailer

A trailer could probably be an empty container or a frame on two wheels and is attached to a car or a truck with a latch. It does not have an independent engine so it built with an axle and two wheels to keep it rolling while being dragged by a vehicle. A trailer with an empty container is normally converted into a motor home for use during long haul drive or an outskirt vacation with the family. If you’re seeking a utility trailer or flat top trailers there is an array of options for you to choose from.


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A trailer with only a frame is normally converted into a platform to transport vehicles or boats. It saves on cost to purchase a lorry for the same purpose. Below are the tips on how to build a trailer

To build a trailer, you will need an angle irons, axle and wheel assembly, wheels, tires, metal sheets and tool sets such as welding rods, cutting torch, hammer, wrench and clamps. Look for heavy duty lorry axle which will provide adequate support for transporting heavy items. Half cut shop normally has most of the items you require such as the axle, wheel assembly, tires and metal sheets.

A car trailer should be at least 16 feet long, any shorter than that and you will face space limitations when loading your vehicle up that ramp.

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Line up the frame from which forms the chassis of your trailer. Weld the chassis together to form a strong structure. Depending on the length of the frame, align the axle to the frame and make sure it is in the centre of gravity to enable full support of the frame and also future load. Weld the axle to the frame.

For the body work, sketch the body part on the metal sheet and then bring it to a manufacturing company to have the design cut out using a precision waterjet cutting machine. Weld parts of the metal sheet together to form the body around the frame. Make sure it is completely welded so that there are no gaps in between weld.

Now, fabricate the tongue which is the connecting component between the frame and the hitch. The standard tongue would use two steel frame welded in a triangle. At the edge of the tongue is a hole connected to the vehicle so that the trailer can turn properly when the vehicle pulling it does so.

The fender is used to protect the wheels. Weld the angle iron to the frame to provide support to the fender. Last but not least, attach the wheels to the axle and bolt it down.

You might want to add a personal touch to the completed trailer by applying a nice paint coating of your favorite color.

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