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How to Change a Car Battery

A car battery is vital in supplying constant electricity flow into all electrical components in an automobile. It stores charges and discharge them when requires especially during cold start. Without it, an automobile will not be able to start. An alternator is then used to restore lost charges in a battery when the engine is operational.

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In the market today, there are two types of batteries on sale, namely wet cell and the dry cell. The wet cell requires top up of sulfuric acid in order for it to perform normally and has a lifespan of three to five years, whereas the dry cell type is maintenance free. The downside is that it is way costlier and has a life span of around two to three years.

Here are some tips on how to change a car battery.

Before proceeding to pop the hood, ensure that you have all the necessary tools to perform the job not forgetting correct battery size for your car type. You will need a socket wrench, gloves, battery terminal cleaner and grease.

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Ensure that there is no gas source, open spark or flame near you before proceeding to dismantle the car battery negative terminal first. Next would be the positive terminal. Dismantle the battery holder which usually sits on top to enable you to lift the battery out from the engine bay. This may require some patience as it might be position in very limited and crammed space.

Inspect the battery tray for any signs of debris or corrosion. You might want to clean and dry the tray before the new car battery installation. In the meantime, clean the inside of the cables and the battery post with battery brush. Position the new battery neatly on the battery tray. Ensure that the correct terminal is in place before proceeding to install the battery holder and tighten all nuts and bolts.

Carefully install the positive terminal first and then followed by negative terminal. Do not over tighten the bolts, as you might damage the thread. Finally, apply some grease on both terminals to keep them from getting corroded. Crank up the engine to monitor any abnormalities. The car should be able to come to life in one crank assuming all other engine parts are in good condition.

This simple DIY (do it yourself) tip on how to change car battery saves you tones of hassle at the workshop plus it is light on your wallet too.

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