/How to Change Fog Light

How to Change Fog Light

Fog light lets your drive confidently in the rain. It may not have the brightness of a headlamp but its 3000 k color which looks more yellowish minimizes reflection from rain drops and adds to driver’s clearer vision. It is usually mounted onto the lower half of the front bumper which makes it prone to damage from stone chippings or solid object. Because of this, there are plenty of aftermarket fog lamps with different sizes, shapes to choose from to replace stock ones. Below are procedures on how to change fog light.

Fog Light at How to Change Fog Light

Choose a pair of new fog light that has the same mounting as your original. With the original mounting, no additional work on mounting and bumper modification needs to be done.

Jack up your car and leave it on the jack stand. Remember to shift your car to park and pull your handbrake to keep the car stationery. Locate the positive and negative wires which lead to the fog light. Use a wire cutter to cut both wires nearest to the fog light as possible. This is to ensure enough wires to connect to the new light.

Strip the end of the wires using a wire stripper.

fog light at How to Change Fog Light

Use basic hand tools, e.g. a ratchet, screwdriver, spanner to remove the fog light from its original position. You do not want to scratch the paint of your bumper with the hand tools so do this carefully. Once removed, use a wet cloth to clean debris which may get lodged between the lights and bumper.

Position the new fog lamp onto the exact mount location. Ensure that it fits perfectly in place and no modification is necessary. Again, using those basic hand tools, secure the lights in place. You do not want to damage the thread on the screw so do not over tighten them.

Now, use butt connectors to attach those wires together. Use a wire tap to secure those remaining wires in place.

Finally, turn on your engine and switch on your fog lamp. If both are working fine, you can lower your car to ground level. Proceed to adjust the light angle to shine a distance of twenty feet and a height of two feet high, with the right lamp shining on the road shoulder.

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