/How to Choose a Green Car

How to Choose a Green Car

Green cars certainly do not mean that the cars are leafy green in color. In fact, they are cars that are fuel efficient and produce low harmful gases such as Toyota Hybrid Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid, Camry Hybrid 4-Door Sedan and others. In this new era, everyone is trying to improve their quality of living by reducing the level of pollution and cutting down cost on unnecessary expenditures. These cars are invented by combining these two important aspects to cater the new generation of consumers who are quality wise aware.

Toyota Hybrid at How to Choose a Green Car

How to choose a green car?

One of the criteria in choosing a green car is fuel efficiency. Thus, to get the right choice, you need an efficient car that normally comes in low engine capacity which is measured in cubic centimeters (cc). This type of car utilizes advance technology in their engine where it is able to provide sufficient amount of torque at a low RPM. When your car’s engine works efficiently, you can actually travel further with less amount of fuel at an average speed.

Besides that, when talking about going green, a lot of companies are looking into hybrid cars that have relatively low engine capacity but cost more to build compared to conventional cars. These cars are specially designed to consume lesser amount of fuel and at the same time able to travel at a better mileage. Using lesser fuel meaning produces lesser emissions. And of course you would have to ensure that your car is in a good condition, properly maintained, make sure the timing belts are tuned accordingly and lastly eliminate excess weight in the car for an efficient green car.

Toyota Camry Hybrid at How to Choose a Green Car

Everyone knows that the main source of car emission would be Carbon Dioxide. Thus, in order to get a green car that does not release gases like carbon dioxide, you can opt for an electric powered car which is also known as Battery-Electric Vehicle (BEV). This car does not require fuel to run, but drivers will have to charge the vehicle before driving and it usually lasts about 300 – 400 kilometers after one full charge. You should really consider on the pros and cons before getting this type of green car.

Lastly, for a green car selection amongst the petrol ones, you can opt for one that comes with catalytic converter, a device used in the car to reduce poisonous gas emission to the environment. Catalytic converter actually burns the excess fuel before emitting it to atmosphere to reduce poisonous emission.

This is basically how to choose a green car. Most importantly, bear in mind that these cars do not come cheap. They might be a lot more expensive than regular cars but you get to save in the long run by reducing the fuel consumption and help save mother nature. It is nothing better than being able to kill two birds with one stone. Green cars definitely fit the bill of the younger generation demands. It is technology savvy, fuel efficient and helps make the planet greener by reducing carbon dioxide emission. That is why we can see that more and more green cars are replacing old ones on the road.

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