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How to Clean a Car’s Interior

People tend to focus more on the car’s exterior as they wash and polish it frequently, but the interior is often neglected. The primary reason would be; most of the cars have edgy interiors and this makes the cleaning up process much more difficult. However, it is advisable to clean the car’s interior at least once a week for hygienic purpose, comfort and eliminates odor.

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Sending your car for cleaning every week can be really costly, but because of self assumption that you do not know how to clean a car’s interior, you would just send it to the professionals. But come to think of it, if you can do it ourselves, you actually save up quite a lot of money. Here are some simple steps that will teach you how to clean a car’s interior.

First of all, remove the floor mats and place them on a clean surface. For rubber or vinyl mats, you can scrub and clean them by using multi-purpose cleaners or suitable detergents.  Do not wet your embroidery car mats because they take a longer time to dry up. If they do not dry up completely before you put them back into your car, the moisture will turn into odor. For these car mats, you should use the vacuuming method. Rubber mats are cheaper and easier to clean compared to mats with embroidery or woven mats.

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Then, start vacuuming the car seats and the car boot. If you vacuum frequently, it actually prolongs the lifespan of your seats and carpets because friction can prevent stains and debris. Pay more attention to the edges in your car, especially the ones that are hidden and seldom vacuumed. Go underneath and between the seats to make sure that all the parts are thoroughly cleaned.

For leather seats, there are specially formulated cleaners for sale on the rack. Do not use liquid detergents or solutions because this will speed up the aging process of your leather seats. Read and follow the instructions of the cleaners correctly before using them on your seats for best results. You can clean your dashboard with multi-purpose cleaners and a damp cloth. This combination often works well with the cleaning of the car’s interior, but you should try the cleaner on a small spot first before using them directly on your dashboard.

Lastly, apply glass cleaners on your windscreen and windows from the inside to clean up fingerprints or dirt smudges. Clean windscreens and windows provide a better view for the driver. Use a damp cloth followed by a micro-fiber cleaning fabric for squeaky clean glass.

If you are able to follow all the mentioned steps above, you already know how to clean a car’s interior.

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