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How to Drive in Heavy Rain

There are times when we have to drive in heavy rain. Needless to say, it is dangerous to do so as the road is slippery, and there are surely some reckless drivers who do not turn on the fog lights. Here are some tips on how to drive in heavy rain.

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When you are driving in heavy rain, remember not to switch on your high beam lights. This is because high lights will be reflected by water and it will be harder for you and other road users to see the road clearly.  Remember to turn on your wipers as well when you are driving.

Driving in these extreme weathers, you should drive slower than the allocated speed limit. Speeding may cause your car to spin when the road is slippery. Also, keep a safe distance from the other cars so that you have ample time to break if an emergency stop is needed.  Stay away from large vehicles like Lorries and trailers because the tires will splash water up on your windscreen. The splashes might cause accidents if you stay too close to them because you will not be able to see the road clearly.

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Keep off the curbs and the sides of the roads because if there is heavy downpour, the sides of the roads are prone to floods. Drive on the centre of the road and try to follow the tire tracks of the car in front of you. Try to avoid puddles of water as there might be large potholes underneath the water.

Stop by restaurants or pit stops for a rest if you are not in a good state for driving. When you are not moving, make sure that your hazard lights are on so that oncoming cars are able to see and avoid you on time. Do not turn on hazard lights when you are driving even though your initial attention is to warn the others about your existence. It might lead to the misjudgment of your location from the other drivers. Use the lights wisely and turn them on when they are needed.

You may think that you already know how to drive in heavy rain but there are still extra precaution steps that you have to take note to ensure that you reach your destination safely. During normal days, make sure that you clean your windscreen in and out often. It allows you to see better when it is raining. After washing your car, apply a layer of windscreen cleaner. These cleaners will make your windscreen waterproof so that raindrops will not stay on it and ensure crystal clear view.  Check whether the wipers are functioning well and replace them with new ones if they are not working. Drivers are advised to do such precautions so that they can have a safe journey, even if they have to drive in heavy rain.

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